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Band Name Stige
Album Name Christmorphosis
Type EP
Дата релиза 2009
Лейблы Self-Released
Музыкальный стильDeath Thrash
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. Christmorphosis
2. Reign of Hypocrisy
3. Unjust Life
4. State of Confusion
5. Stige
6. Century's Illness

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Обзор @ GandhiEgo

04 Июль 2011

Reserved for the true avid fan of Thrash Death Metal...

When Thrash Metal was “dying” around 1988 and Death Metal was being born many new bands chose to play Death Metal to embrace this newfound brutality. As a result, the very first Death Metal bands had still a lot in common with Thrash Metal, especially in the riffing department, and subsequently a few bands kept on the “mixed” flame alive giving birth to Death Thrash Metal. On the other hand, a handful of bands chose to do quite the contrary: they’d stick musically to Thrash Metal but would adopt Death Metal vocals forming the Thrash Death Metal school, which indeed is a minor genre. Now if you’re the kind of person thinking it’s all the same thing and I’m just being picky or worse showing off (just like some people claim there’s no difference between Death Doom Metal and Doom Death Metal), I encourage you to leave this page at once. Uneducated moron.

Stige, an Italian band formed back in 2001, belong to the lesser school of Thrash Death Metal. On the other band, the Transalpine band is still a long way to be the next Master or the next Abomination.

Christmorphosis is an OK record. I hate OK records. Nothing is really bad as musically Stige are up to date and the production is more than decent; I could rant on the Death Metal growls which I find a bit uninspired and uninspiring but it's not that bad and I wouldn’t want to make fun of it. The songwriting is fine but it's not as if something would stick out and you’d find yourself thinking: “gee, that track is a killer one”. The leads are very cool but they’re somehow a bit lost and don’t add up to the songs.

Best example that’d spring in mind would be Cannibal Corpse’s debut, “Eaten Back To Life”, where lots of the songs were somehow dull as they had not yet found their sound. Still, it had a few gore-drenched hits like Shredded Humans or Mangled on it which helped them get some status. And that’s the biggest flaw here, not a single track has the ability to stick in and no matter how many times you'll be playing Christmorphosis, it will remain somehow flavorless.

And you know how it ends with such records. Not bad enough to flame it but not good enough not to worship the dust god on your CD shelves. The only positive thing is that Thrash Death Metal isn’t that popular a genre and you don’t see many releases of it flooding the scene so if you’re an avid (and you don’t discriminate) fan of it, you sure will find a few things to make up for this lack of inspiration. Otherwise, all hope is lost.

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