Broken Recordings from Melbourne

Список групп Grindcore Decomposing Serenity Broken Recordings from Melbourne
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Band Name Decomposing Serenity
Album Name Broken Recordings from Melbourne
Type Compilation
Дата релиза 06 Август 2014
Музыкальный стильGrindcore
Владельцы этого альбома0


1. Offals the Infected Parasites
2. Impulsive Brutal Fuck
3. Genital Funeral Decay
4. External Bloody Vertebrae
5. Rectify the Anal Bombshell
6. Machismo Erection
7. Rotting Bones with Scabs
8. Irrational Amputation of Christ
9. Construction of Horrific Dreams
10. Demonic Sickness in My Veins
11. Distorted Vaginal Cavities
12. Grinding Infernal Lives
13. Drain the Bowels with Pride
14. Umbilical Chain of Horror
15. Enlightenment of Darkened Thoughts
16. Burning the Cross with Nails
17. Hiding Beneath the Urine Residue
18. Blood Was Drawn
19. Enthral with Internal Fungus
20. Women's Severed Feet
21. Facial Distortion
22. Bestial Consumption of Faces
23. Stripped of Bacterial Waste
24. Pungent Organs
25. Gynecological Vaginal Combustion
26. Enthral the Internal Fungus
27. Sickening Lucrative Cunts
28. Separate Your Testicles
29. Anal Feast
30. As the Labia Unfolds
31. Circumcision with an Axe
32. Twitching Bodies
33. Maggots in My Rectum
34. Blood Was drained
35. Scrotum
36. Senseless Pleasure Will End
37. Untitled
38. Untitled
39. Six Nails and a Foot
40. Bloody Parts Are for Me
41. By the Time You Read This I Will Cut You in Half
42. Aftertaste of Human Flesh
43. His Contorted Corpse with Holes in His Throat
44. Give the Children Her Severed Head
45. Childproof Anus Modification
46. Blood-soaked Dragonflies and Fairy Dust
47. Women's Severed Feet/Blood Was Drawn/Enthral the Internal Fungus
48. Crunchy Serene Dragonfly
49. Crunchy Serene Dragonfly II
50. Childproof Anus Modification II
51. Nocturnal Symphonies of Blood

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Decomposing Serenity