Bizarro World

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Band Name Deadlock (GER-1)
Album Name Bizarro World
Type Album
Дата релиза 28 Февраль 2011
Лейблы Lifeforce Records
Музыкальный стильMelodic Death
Владельцы этого альбома38


1. Virus Jones 04:59
2. State of Decay 03:43
3. Falling Skywards 04:22
4. Earthlings 03:41
5. You Left Me Dead 04:11
6. Brutal Romance 04:08
7. Alienation 01:42
8. Renegade 03:25
9. Htrae 04:48
10. Bizarro World 02:11
11. Paranoia Extravaganza 03:08
Total playing time 40:18

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Обзор @ darknessguide

27 Январь 2011

Neither impetuous nor as “in-your-face” as the previous records were, it still preserves Deadlock's original style.

Deadlock is still quite an unique phenomenon on a metal scene — just think, it’s maybe the only band pertaining to melodic death with a powerful clean female voice that comes from a permanent member of the band, namely Sabine Weniger, not some guest vocalist. Certain connoisseurs can, of course, name such bands as Tystnaden or Ever Since as probably the only competitors for Deadlock in this mixing of genres but those are, after all, another story, being neither as interesting nor as well-known as these Germans are.

The band made its initial impact with Wolves album and follows more or less the same musical patterns since then bringing in or out this or that element. This being said, it was more or less obvious that since that album Sabine’s vocals will be given more credit as the band gains more success and renown. And by no means it’s a bad thing, not only because there are dozens and hundreds of melodic death bands with male growls (represented here by Johannes Prem) and there’s just one Deadlock but also because Sabine is a really outstanding singer, with a strong, steely voice, with no signs of any “chord trembling” whatever heights she decides to take with it. Bizzarro World brings the most extensive amount of her cleans by far — not only she’s “locked” in choruses but also left to roam freely among every part of the song at times, one can say that now Johannes complements her parts, the true adornment of the record.

While Wolves and Manifesto albums still had a strong connection with melodic death metal genre, Bizarro World is certainly more distant from it, it can hardly be described by just one tag, by any tag, in fact. Despite the obvious focus on more simplified and straightforward music shape, despite the serious decrease of solo work and manifold arrangements, the album sounds more eclectic that its predecessors, introducing yet another, more soft and airy side of Deadlock with the help and support of Sabine’s vocals striving to make up for the absence of all the above things reaching the most notable success in such songs as fast-paced Falling Skywards and Earthlings and more mid-tempo You Left Me Dead, Brutal Romance and Htrae.

What also adds a certain distinction to Deadlock’s music is the usage of various interludes, no less than two per album since, again, Wolves. Alienation and the s/t one, Bizarro World, are almost the last resort here for keyboards, although they can also be observed in several song’s introductions and the stock non-metal song, Renegade, which trance rhytm-section can’t really be called something surprising already, WolvesEnd Begins explored this area in a much more brave fashion, flowing directly into pure trance part after a short pause in what seemed to be a typical metal composition.

Being neither really impetuous nor as “in-your-face” as the previous records were, Bizarro World can be perceived at its best if taken as a more lyrical approach to Deadlock’s original style which they managed to preserve, with an emphasis on vast, melodic choruses and rather calm than aggressive songs — not maybe what one expects from what’s said to be a metal record, still expectations of any kind don’t make this album any worse.

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