Ashes to Ashes

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Band Name Chelsea Grin
Album Name Ashes to Ashes
Type Album
Дата релиза 08 Июль 2014
Музыкальный стильDeathcore
Владельцы этого альбома56


1. Playing with Fire 03:56
2. Pledge Allegiance 04:05
3. Morte Ætérna 03:35
4. Nightmares 05:12
5. Illuminate 05:56
6. Sellout 03:38
7. Waste Away 04:29
8. Ashes… 01:17
9. ... To Ashes 02:16
10. Angels Shall Sin, Demons Shall Pray 03:13
11. Letters 04:15
12. Cheers to Us 03:10
13. Clockwork 04:31
14. Undying 05:07
15. Dust to Dust 05:12
Total playing time 57:51

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Комментарий @ DezMoines

13 Август 2014

Easily their best work yet

The most striking thing about this album is that Chelsea Grin has yet to put out anything quite like it before. Evolve was much more progressive and experimental and My Damnation and Desolation of Eden weren't near original the latest from Chelsea Grin.

Although distinctly still a deathcore album, their are elements of other genres as well. Blackened death influences are present on the single Playing with Fire and Dust to Dust has plenty of prog elements. Angels Shall Sin Demons Shall pray even has a doom vibe to it. The real question is though, do they actually pull off the right balance of prog and core?

To me, the answer is yes... and no. While the bass is much more prevalent compared to previous releases and the drums are significantly tighter, the experimental edge that Evolve carried is mostly lost. The vocals are the same old Chelsea Grin we've come to expect from Alex (which is not necessarily a bad thing) and the guitars are still oversimplified but they have moved on from being a "chug-chug" band. And they've (finally) gotten mostly past making entire albums about bashing religion, albeit a good deal after their fellow deathcore powerhouses Whitechapel and Suicide Silence.

Overall, this is a solid effort with only a few black marks against it. If you're looking for some groundbreaking and entirely original deathcore release, this isn't the album for you. But if you'd enjoy a solid deathcore album that transcends the typical chug fest while not attempting to rewrite the genre, then you will definitely enjoy this album.

Top songs: Playing with Fire, Dust To Dust, and Clockwork

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matt350 - 10 Февраль 2015: Great review.
McLovinSkittlez - 11 Апрель 2015: Still can't stand Alex's vocal work. He ruined his voice vua constant touring after DoE and hasn't been the same since. Jason Richardson also hasn't contributed nearly as much as I thought he would.
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