Arrival of the Carnivore

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Band Name Nocturnal (GER)
Album Name Arrival of the Carnivore
Type Album
Дата релиза 28 Февраль 2004
Музыкальный стильThrash Black
Владельцы этого альбома34


Re-Issue in by Deathstrike Records (LP Version) with 1 bonustrack.
 Coven of Darkness
 Temples of Sin
 Satanic Oath
 Preventive War
 Burn this Town
 War of Spirits
 Merciless Murder
 Nuclear Strike
 Victorious Night
 Awakening the Curse of Souls

 Sign of Evil (Violent Force Cover)

Total playing time: 36:15

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Комментарий @ JayBee

06 Август 2010
Not out bursting, but pretty cool!

If you want some out bursting Thrash like Bonded by Blood from Exodus, this Album wasn´t made for you. But let me explain why it's a very great album anyway.
It was made for those, that like very good riffs, because this is what this album is all about. Another important thing is the Thrash Breaks which create an incredible atmosphere and the drumming, which supported the Songs perfectly.

The most outstanding songs are:
"Burn this town". It has several voices singing the refrain which adds a lot of power and energy to this song and "Victorious Night". The Main Riff makes it sounds a lot "Sign of Evil" by Violent Force which is covered on this record too.

The other Songs aren't as outstanding as the others, but they will be very strong, the more you listen to this album. The only weakness is the first Intro Song "Coven of Darkness" which doesn't have the same energy as the other songs and does not really dispose you into the album. You know what I mean, this pleasant anticipation for an album, when you have an intro which perfectly introduces you to it?

Finally, I want to say: It´s a great album that is recommended to everyone, who really can enjoy some good atmospheric thrash, with maybe some of the greatest riffs ever written.


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