Apocalypse in Your Heart

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Band Name Totalselfhatred
Album Name Apocalypse in Your Heart
Type Album
Дата релиза 21 Февраль 2011
Лейблы Osmose Productions
Музыкальный стильMelodic Black
Владельцы этого альбома45


 At War with Myself
 A Teardrop into Eternity
 Dripping Melancholy
 Cold Room Starstained

Total playing time: 44:53

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Комментарий @ Vermilion_Angel

11 Октябрь 2011

This album clouds your mind...

This album is everything I would want in a Black Doom record. The band set an insane atmosphere through every song that doesn't die down easily. The tones of the guitars throughout the album give you a great feeling of hopelessness and despair. The sounds of the drums, bass and keyboards add to this effect and set the scene for what you are about to hear in this album. The vocals compliment the other instruments as they scream in pain about topics of depression, misanthropy and darkness.

From the first song, 'Apocalypse', right to the end of the final song, 'Cold Room Starstained', the atmosphere created by the band doesn't fail. Even from the first song, you know exactly what you are about to be listening to. The intensity of every song is immaculate and builds up as the record goes on. The tones of the instruments become overwhelming for some, as they bring such passionate music to your ears. The lyrics that mention in detail the horrors of life and death make you think about the subjects of the songs.

My favourite song on the Apocalypse in Your Heart is 'Anything'. The song starts with an acoustic guitar and keyboard giving the main line of the track. After about a minute, the drums and bass come in, but still keeping the song delicate and quiet, as the vocals start off whispered and fragile, When the song is at it's full blast after about two minutes, the vocals scream, the guitars harmonize, and the bass and drums play, making a beautiful sound.

Apocalypse in Your Heart is an incredible record, which clouds your mind with atmosphere and thought. I highly recommend buying this album.

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