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Band Name Motörhead
Album Name 1916
Type Album
Дата релиза 02 Февраль 1991
Музыкальный стильHard Rock
Владельцы этого альбома669


 The One to Sing the Blues
 I'm so Bad (Baby I Don't Care)
 No Voices in the Sky
 Going to Brazil
 Nightmare - the Dreamtime
 Love Me Forever
 Angel City
 Make My Day
 Shut You Down

Total playing time: 39:27

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Обзор @ highspeedsamurai

01 Август 2008
After two great but pretty conventional albums as a four piece, this third outing sees the band finding the confidence to experiment a little and take risks.
A good example of this new found confidence is "Love Me Forever", a powerful and heavy song with some haunting quiet moments, featuring some beautifully clean crisp guitar.
Another innovative track is the frankly weird "Nightmare / The Dreamtime". With its sludgy bass, eerie keyboards and some spoken word elements played backwards, it has an almost industrial feel to it.
Of course, there are also some damn fine riff- driven rock songs on there, in the form of "The One to Sing the Blues", "Shut You Down" and "Make My Day".
Lemmy's love of rock'n'roll is again demonstrated on "Going To Brazil" and "Angel City" (while "Ramones", a tribute to the legendary American punk band is appropriately punchy, simple and brief).
But the track that had jaws dropping the world over is album closer "1916" : a moving, eloquent song about the tragic waste of life that was world war one. It's a beautiful ballad played on keyboards and cello and, as such, it's a brilliantly bold move from a band with a reputation for caving your skull in, and it closes this impressive album in style.

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choahardoc - 15 Март 2010: Great record! 1916 is a very good tune about Warpigs and ... Childhood's end! Thanx for tne chronicle.
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