SoundSpiral Audio

Type Recording Studio
Endereço Kouvolankatu 23 45200 Kouvola
Cidade Kouvola
País Finland
SoundSpiral Audio got its first spark well over a decade ago at Heinola, a small town in the southern part of Finland. First recording my own band Gloria Mortis demos and then working on the music of friends at our beloved rehearsal complex Rulla. My dedication was soon noticed at the local youth club and I landed my first steady audio job as the in-house engineer at 16 years of age. After gathering as much musical knowledge and know-how as possible I was asked to join Melodic Metal group Before the Dawn and in no time I was recording and mixing albums in much bigger circles. After fifteen years of playing in bands and working with a broad range of Metal acts, I decided to take the next logical step and drop my anchor. I found myself running a recording studio in the small city of Kouvola. I provide a service that specialises in working on Metal and Rock acts' albums and live appearences. I work from a band members perspective and the most important thing for me as an audio engineer is to help people make records they themselves can be proud of. -Juho Räihä-

Recorded albums