Los Angered Recordings

Type Recording Studio
Endereço Storås Industrigata 18 i, Angered
Cidade Göteborg
País Sweden
The studio is owned and operated by Andy La Rocque, guitarist of the band King Diamond. In 1993 Andy founded what was later going to be Los Angered Recording and in 1995 the doors opened after several upgrades. Starting out as a dream of recording his own and local bands demos with just an analog tapemachine, a small console and a few fx- devices, he turned this studio into a hi-tech, well-equipped and modern facility, upgraded with pro-gear like dbx, Avalon, Amek/Neve, Neumann etc... The studio is located about 10 minutes from Gothenburg city (on the westcoast of Sweden) and about 35 minutes away from the main Airport. Los Angered Recording has existed on this location since 1995 and has been continuously booked since then. We have recorded everything from ladies choires to popmusic and black/death/powermetal, working with clients from the US, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium and Australia aiming mostly towards the rock/metalscene. We will also be glad to help you to find good accomodations and anything else to make you feel comfortable.

Recorded albums