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Domingo 23 Outubro 2016 - 11:56:17 by Hellsheimer

Mexico's Chaos Records has released a new song from forthcoming album Visions from Beyond by Russian Death Metal Band OLD CHAPELStream opening track "Disastrous Rite".

OLD CHAPEL will release Visions from Beyond November 7 on Chaos Records. Another new song, "Stairs to the Vault," is streaming

OLD CHAPEL is an orthodox sepulchral squad spreading the infection of old school doomed Death Metal since 2010 under the leadership of Sergei Karpukhin (drums) and Pavel Suslov (vocals). Based in the central Russian city of Ivanovo, OLD CHAPEL is already known in the underground with two unholy releases - Tales from the Churchyard and Symptoms of Possession

Now after several years of silence, the Chapel opens the gates again to unleash all the demonic creatures dwelling and waiting inside. Inspired by old horror movies and witching rites, the band is ready to tell nine chilling stories of horror, decay and possession. Meet the new full-length album from OLD CHAPELVisions from Beyond.

Recorded in the crypts of Ivanovo and mastered by Enormous Door (Austin, TX), Visions from Beyond shows a new level of anger and despair in comparison with previous releases by this Russian band. 

Pre-order: http://store.chaos-records.com/old-chapel-ru-visions-from-beyond-cd/

So take a step into the OLD CHAPEL...
...but beware of visions that can drive you insane

In addition, one of the songs from the album is also going to be released (with alternative mixing and mastering) on a unique compilation of Russian old school Death Metal called Faces of Death, along with songs by PYRE, GROND, CIST and others. The album will be available in Mexico via Craneo Negro Records.

Track Listing:
1. Disastrous Rite
2. Stairs to the Vault
3. The Burning
4. Towards the End
5. The Nightmare Room
6. Skullhunter
7. Leaving a Body
8. Witchboard
9. Paura Nella Citta Dei Morti Viventi 


Source : https://www.facebook.com/clawhammerpr/?fref=ts


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