Lureaway : Unchained and Soaring

Quinta-feira 15 Agosto 2019 - 12:52:10 by lureaway

Symphonic metal band Lureaway releases their debut album "Unchained and Soaring". Along with the release the band publishes their first music video for the song "Ode to Infinity", one of the most powerful tracks in the album.

"It has been the most exciting journey! We are looking forward to the release and cannot wait for our music to be heard! We hope it finds a place in every listener’s heart." – says Jevgenija.

Every song on the album is a musical adventure of its own – each showcasing a different emotion, feeling, and sound. "There are six of us in the band. We write songs altogether, and even though our tastes differ a lot, this is what makes our music become this special mix of genres, instruments, and sounds. One moment we give way to the heavy guitars and drums, next the vocals and the keyboard take the lead, and then it all fuses together to create this sort of music euphoria!" – explains the front-woman of Lureaway Jevgenija Korkina.

The lyrics on the album tell us about the feelings and thoughts each and every one of us face at some point in our lives – love and frustration, doubts and hopes, anxiety and inner peace despite all odds. Each song has its own storyline, characters, drama.

Lureaway is a Symphonic Metal band from Riga, Latvia. Founded in 2015, the band has been actively performing both in Latvia and abroad. Music of Lureaway is an exciting combination of charming soprano, melodic symphonic elements, heavy guitar riffs, and energetic drum beats. The first EP record “Saviour” was published back in 2016, with "Unchained and Soaring" being Lureaway’s first full album.

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