King Of Asgard : and Trollmusic Will Spread the deadly Plague Together

Sábado 14 Maio 2016 - 16:30:07 by Hellsheimer

It is with happiness and pride that we announce a pact has been made between KING OF ASGARD and Trollmusic. The Swedish band will record “:taudr:” in June with reinforced line-up in Magnus "Devo" Andersson's Endarker studio and thus open a new chapter in the band history, heading into a darker direction of Nordic metal.
Jonas Albrektsson reflects “there have been major changes in all corners, within and around the band. After a short but necessary hiatus and after months of silence, we return to the surface. Charged with new blood, epic tunes and new label partners we're eager to finally set this in existence and substance and strike from a, to KING OF ASGARD, new and different angle. We've had the most perfect years behind us with great support from fans and partners and I'm confident you all will catch us up and still find satisfactory within our creations. Thus :taudr: will mark the coming of a new chapter in the KING OF ASGARD story, even further down the epic darkness.”

KING OF ASGARD has so far released three albums, hit the stages of festivals like Kilkim Zaibu (Lithuania) and Ragnarök (Germany) and will this year perform at Thorhammerfest in Brazil and at Ragnard Rock in France. The debut album's opening song “Einherjar” has become almost a classic in Nordic (folk/black) metal in recent years.

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