Eure Erben : Starts working on new album

Segunda-feira 30 Abril 2012 - 11:13:54 by Hirax

Legendary German thrash metallers Eure Erben (ex-Darkness) is working on its second, as yet untitled album. Guitarist /singer Arnd Klink said, “The band has music written for 6 songs. The new album will include 11 brand new tracks”. The album will be released in late October this year. Eure Erben are negotiating with some labels to release the new album. 

Eure Erben’s debut full-length album “Terror 2.0” came out in late 2010. The first pressing  of the album was sold out shortly after its release, and in 2011 a new pressing came out, which is still available on the band’s website (

Although Eure Erben songs are in German, the album “Terror 2.0” includes a bonus CD with English versions of all songs. “This is a kind of tribute to Darkness fans because many people always think of Darkness when they talk about us", says Klink. "DARKNESS is our history, it’s a big history in the background and so we said, "Ok, there are many people who like English lyrics, many people who like Darkness, so it will be our tribute to those people."

Guitarist Hobie adds: "Translating the songs, keeping the message and also the measure (or at least a similar one) was some work, but I think we did a good job. I’m satisfied with them." Eure Erben’s history began in 1984, when drummer Andreas “Lacky” Lakaw decided to start his own band Darkness. During the 1980’s the band put out three full-length albums: “Death Squad” (1987), “Defenders Of Justice” (1988) and “Conclusion and Revival” (1989). After the band’s break-up all the musicians continued to work on different projects, and in 2004 Klink and Lacky decided to join forces and play classic Teutonic thrash metal. It was supposed to be a reunion of Darkness but having only Two members of the original line-up they decided to use a new name. The band also decided to write songs with German lyrics to have an opportunity for better expression of their opinions about what happens to the world nowadays.

Since 2004 Eure Erben has put out Two EPs ("Eure Erben”, (2006) and “Eure Faeuste”, (2007)) and one full-length album. Once in a while the band used to perform under The Darkness monicker, like it was at the show In Memory of late Sodom drummer Chris “Witchhunter” Dudek in 2009. 



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