Disentomb : Nouvel album

Quarta-feira 10 Julho 2019 - 10:16:06 by Maggoth

Le groupe sortira son troisième album intitulé «The Decaying Light» le 12 juillet via Unique Leader Records.


1. Collapsing Skies

2. Your Prayers Echo into Nothingness

3. Indecipherable Sermons of Gloom

4. Undying Dysphoria

5. Centuries of Deluge

6. The Decaying Light

7. The Great Abandonment

8. Dredged into Existence

9. The Droning Monolith

10. Dismal Liturgies

11. Invocation in the Cathedral of Dust

12. Rebirth through Excoriation

13. Withering


Source : https://www.facebook.com/disentomb


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