Slipknot - All Hpoe Is Gone tour, London

Slipknot (USA-1)

the Segunda-feira 01 Dezembro 2008

Slipknot, 01/12/08 at the Hammersmith Apollo

SUPPORT: Children of Bodom, Machine Head.


Live performance gods are as (sic) as ever on their first visit to London since the Subliminal Verses tour.


 Hair is already flying in the pit as Children of Bodom kick off the metal, an excellent live show, sadly their efforts seemed unnoticed from the upper levels of the venue where the rest of the crowd crept around struggling against the darkness and precariously balanced drinks to find a seat. Lights went down and next to take to the stage were Berkley headbangers Machine Head. Perfection – Davidian and Aesthetics of Hate hitting wonderful highs and with Robb Flynn’s relaxed attitude, it’s easy to think that you’re one of his best friends just hanging out at home. Curtains dropped to a thunderous applause, more drinks were bought and everyone awaited the epic return that was to ensue. Hammersmith echoed with shouts as the nine of the ‘Knot appeared. Joey’s new hands having been removed ceremoniously while sat behind the enormous drum kit; now it was truly ready to begin. Surfacing was the first masterpiece to grace the audience’s ears; the set slowly revealed its amazing quirks and grandeur throughout the show, proving that Slipknot really know how to entertain. Complete with balconies, pyros, moving percussion kits with TV screens and the ability to make Joey levitate, spin round on the side while playing, it was something hard to forget and difficult to believe. Many favourite songs were played amongst the humorous and commemorative comments of Corey Taylor, such as Spit it Out, Heretic Anthem, Prosthetics (oh yes, it was dark enough) and the new opus Psychosocial. The legend of “jump the fuck up” was pleasingly upheld and the raw, animal experience of a Slipknot concert was surely felt by everyone present. On the eve of 2009, the 10th anniversary of the release of Slipknot’s self titled debut, all we can say is: welcome back!

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Slipknot (USA-1)

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