Filth Fest: 2/20/09

the Sexta-feira 20 Fevereiro 2009, The Masquerade, Atlanta GA


On Friday February 20, Septic Flesh, Satyricon, and –the all mighty- Cradle of Filth rocked the Masquerade in Atlanta GA. The night started off well with the opening performance by Septic Flesh. The quartet from Athens Greece blew the Masquerade away with a great 20-30 minute set of songs from their newest album “Communion”. Songs include: Communion and We, the Gods.


Next up was Satyricon, from Norway. They played a 45 minute set including songs from their newest album, The Age of Nero, such as Black Crow on a Tombstone and Commando. This was the first time I had ever listened to either Septic Flesh or Satryicon; after witnessing both performances, I strongly suggest looking into their music if you haven’t already.

Cradle Of Filth

The last, and certainly not least, act of the night was from no other than Cradle of Filth. Luckily, I was able to push my way to the very front and center, right in front of the microphone. From the moment Cradle of Filth opened with “Shat out of Hell” off their new album (Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder) to the last song of the night “From the Cradle to Enslave,” they rocked the Masquerade in Atlanta so hard that the floor was actually moving up and down (acts perform on the second floor, so I could feel the swaying of the floor). Cradle of Filth played 3 songs from their newest album: “Shat out of Hell,” “The 13th Caesar,” and “Honey and Sulfur.” Cradle also played some of my personal favorites such as “Dusk and Her Embrace,” “Nymphetamine,” and “Her Ghost in the Fog.” Cradle slaughtered the stage, and I’m sure everyone who viewed this show was blown away just like I was. If you have never seen Cradle of Filth in concert, I highly suggest you go out and buy tickets, NOW!! You won’t be sorry.


Complete set list (in order):


1.      Shat out of Hell

2.      Gilded Cunt

3.      Dusk and Her Embrace

4.      The 13th Caesar

5.      Nymphetamine

6.      The Principle of Evil made Flesh

7.      Honey and Sulfur

8.      Under Huntress Moon


9.      Cthulu Dawn

10.  Cruelty and the Beast

11.  Her Ghost in the Fog

12.  From the Cradle to Enslave

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