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Saor charted the forgotten paths of Scotland
Saor is back. If you have had the slightest interest into that area of black metal where folk blends in in recent years, there is simply no chance that you missed one of its first three albums. Roots,

Drawn Into Descent do not make music for a higher purpose
Belgian quartet Drawn Into Descent came out with a notable debut in 2015, and we are pleased to welcome them to Avantgarde Music with their sophomore album. True to their roots, the Belgians keep delv

Behold the Fall of Phobos
Phobonoid is the one-man project of Lord Phobos, multi-instrumentalist originally from the Dolomites, in north-eastern Italy. Born in 2012, Phobonoid released an EP and a full-length studio album befo

Enisum follows moths to the light
Back from the woods of Piedmont is Enisum, once again delivering their lore-infused atmospheric black metal. The fourth album since the shift from one-man project to full band, Moth’s Illusion can n

Súl Ad Astral write music to process the constant changes of life
Súl Ad Astral is an international duo divided between New Zealand and the United States: originally founded in 2011 by multi-instrumentalist Stephen Fortune, the project was soon completed by America

Lumnos goes back to ancient Egypt
Putrefactus is back again. After less than ten months (during which he published a whole digital tribute album), Lumnos is ready to deliver a new full-length studio album. The Heliosphere Singularity

Selvans sophomore album is a dark Italian opus
Along with Downfall Of Nur, Progenie Terrestre Pura, Earth And Pillars and several others, Selvans are one of the most interesting bands that helped giving new life to black metal in Italy in the ‘1

Gravkväde looks for the raw essence of despair
It is likely that you have never heard of Gravkväde, a Swedish, newborn duo that has been around for just a couple of years. After a couple of demos entitled Grav|sorg and Grav|köld recent

Abstract Void is the missing link between synthwave and blackgaze
You’ve probably grown accustomed to seeing synthwave artists billed at metal festivals, yet you had not heard of artists mixing the two genres in one, single music project. Until today. Abstract Voi

Twilight Fauna blends black metal and bluegrass from Appalachia
Twilight Fauna is the artistic persona of Paul Ravenwood, who in 2011 started publishing music inspired by the stories of Appalachia, his motherland. Straight out of Tennessee, in the first five years

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