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interview KrisiunCould you please present you and the band for those who don't know you ?
I'm Moyses from Krisiun, Krisiun is a band that started in the early 90's. We've been around for almost 14 years. We have a bunch of records out and we have our new album Assassination coming out in february. We are going to be touring in Europe in march then in april in the US with Morbid Angel. And this is it, keeping doing Death Metal !

It seems that you have gain a certain popularity through the Death Metal scene. Is it hard to manage ?
Yeah, I don't know if we are really popular, we are like an old band, we have been around for years, we had a bunch of records sold. Some people like our stuff and support us you know, some people don't like. Some new generation is getting in our music right now, this is throughout the years, so we get our name established on the Death Metal Scene because we have something to give, we are not doing like a generic music just repeating what other old Death Metal band singed. So I guess some people know us because we got this particular kind of sound.

So you don't have a lot of pressure ?
No, there's no pressure man. We still have the same feelings than when we started. Of course we know better how to do things but we still get the same desires. If someone come and say « I like your band » it's ok and if someone comes and say « I don't like your band » I respect his opinion. But anyway I like it when people knows about us and there is no pressure at all.

For your new album, you decided to call back Andy Classen for the production. Was the collaboration great with him ?
Yes, you know Andy is a good producer, he produced good albums lately, really powerful records. And we figured out that we should deliver an album with strong production this time and we decided to go back to Andy because through all the records we have been listening around, Andy get the most louder, fast kind of production. So we went back there we tried to get him back, you know with this fast raw sound, not only like being really polished or stereotyped recordings. And that's why we went for him and his collaboration for the record was really big because not only engeenering the record session, he delivers a lot of advices and he tried to push the best we could deliver. He was a really important person for this record.

But weren't you satisfied with the production of the past albums ?
The production is good but the music is also different because it reflects our music right now in the year 2006 and I know we can not do the same record we did back in 1993. At that time we don't get money, we don't get anything and we
interview Krisiunhad to record in three or four days and this time we get a longer time in the studio so we could record and rest, and think about things and listen again and try to do it again. So of course this is not only the production, but this is the atmosphere, the whole concept on this record was really smooth and this is right that our music is a bit different.

So you found you have done a great work on this album ?
Yes. It is a good work, a good record. I hope people we like will like it. We tried to do something really heavy again, to sound different because we always try to sound different but still doing Death Metal. We have got some records like Apocalyptic Revelation or Conquerors of Armageddon that were different records and made in a way different and now Assassination is really different but it is still Krisiun, this is still Death Metal. We never try to copy ourselves, but you know in Death Metal nowadays there is a lot of bands doing intros or keyboards or goth things or commercial like happy melodies but we are still trying to do strict Death Metal with more groove.

So you don't think you will go further in diversifying in the future ?
We will always try to come up to something different, some lines, some patterns because if you put the same records out, there is no meaning to release a new album. We always want to do something new, so different, some people can like, some people not. It's a risk we take but we are not afraid to take the risk, and some people like it.

As your music is evolving, are you still inspired by the same things ? Or do you find new sources of influence ?
Yes we are still inspired, but of course not by the same things. When I was young, I had a different mind. Now you know I am 30 years, 32 already and I have learnt a lot in my life, how to accept things, how to control my emotions. So this reflects on the music too. So the thing that inspire me the most is driven by my desire to make Death Metal.

Are you all participating to the writing process ?
Yeah I guess. The lyrics is Alex, and the music we write it us three. We are jamming together, sometimes the music come from like a drum patterns that Max do, or I can do a riff or Alex do a riff
or we just have an idea. You know, it is only jamming, nothing is really well-planned and jamming is the way to make Metal.

How far would you like to go with Krisiun ?
As longer as it please me man, as longer as I like to do it. We are not looking forward to be rock stars, we just want to play Death Metal and we can die the way we are right now we will be happy. I know I am doing things I like to do in my life.

interview Krisiunstrong>You said you will go on tour soon. Will we have the honour to see you in France ?
We are going on tour, a headliner tour all over Europe, we are going to play in France, we are going to play Germany, all over europe. And it is going to be a small tour in small clubs, really underground and after this tour will go to the US to tour with Morbid Angel, Behemoth, then later we are going to go back to Europe to tour with Cannibal Corpse and later we are going to play in major clubs, major crowd than we are going to do right now in small clubs.

And so what is the best country in which you have given a show ?
For me all the countries are good man, I love all the countries you know France is a beautiful country with nice people, the Metal crowd is really wild, one of the best in the world and the same goes in Germany, Brazil, US, Chili, Paraguay, no matter as long as there is metal people there it is worth.

Do you follow the evolution of the Death Metal scene nowadays ?
Hum the Death Metal scene...There is a lot of bands, a lot of bands that are repeating what older bands did already. Not many original bands.I don't know man, I want to see them live, I want to see them living throughout the years, not only bands that put a lot of ads on the Internet and magazines and fool people around and later then it is gone. The Death Metal depends on people doing their job, developping their music, like giving their blood for Death Metal not only being a fancy face in the magazines really pretending to be the best but something that is solid, that has personnality. That is what Death Metal is.

Is Brazil a great country for Metal ?
It is alright. Brazil is a great country for Metal. There is a real crowd, great bands.

As Brazil is a country in which people are quite devoted to God, is it hard for a Metal band to be there ?
I don't know, this country is really opened. There is a lot of catholics but I don't think the new generation is not caring much about religion. The way people are believing is how to survive, how to have a job. A lot of people are really passionated like in soccer and for religion, music etc... I guess it is just because the country is hard to live in.

So this is the last question, what is for you the real Spirit of Metal ?
The real Spirit of Metal is being spontaneous, is being free, believing in yourself, live the music you like. It has to be Rock'n'Roll, you have got to feel chill on your spin. Metal is not something that you pretend to be, this is something that you live. Metal is beyond comprehension, this is something that you feel but you don't understand.
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