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interview BiomechanicalHello !!!! Can you present us your band ?
Sure thing, We are Biomechanical a new Metal band from the UK and we have been together as a band since 2001. Released our first demo Existenz in 2001 which got great reviews. The debut album Eight Moons got released by Revolver Records in 2003 and toured the UK, headlined the second stage of the Bloodstock UK metalfest and played in Holland at the Headway festival. The band was contacted by Elitist records mainman Lee Barrett and forwarded the band to Earache records. Biomechanical were offered a deal and signed a four album deal in September 2004. The band's latest album ‘The Empires of the Worlds' has just come out in the UK and Europe and will come out soon in the US and Japan!

What is the meaning of your band name ? How did you choose it ?
Well, the way the name was mentioned in the film Independence Day and it hit me straight away as a great name for a band! I had an idea at the time that I wanted to put together a metal music project so the name was perfect for that. Also this project I had in my head would have been futuristic and sci-fi orientated lyrical material even though the issues would derive from real life situations so the name was perfect for what the band would say and it eventually reflected the music as well.

What is your main influence ?
My influences come pretty much from the worlds of film scoring. I have been listening to John Williams all my life and have been also heavily influenced by Jerry Goldsmith and Elliot Goldenthal. From Metal bands I think the British Steel 80's metal bands were fantastic and I also like a lot of US thrash bands of the late 80's and early 90's.
Writing wise the band fuses the traditional style with the metal style of today and bonds the two with orchestral film scoring orie
interview Biomechanicalntated writing.

Can you speak to us about your new album?
‘The Empires of the Worlds' is Biomechanical's second album and it's out now by Earache / Elitist records. The recordings happened in my studio between 2003 and 2004 and was mixed and mastered by Nevermore/ Machine Head producer Andy Sneap in January 2005 at the Backstage Studios.
I came up with the cover concept and it was realised by the very talented Nat Jones (illustrator for ‘The Spawn' comics).

What do your lyrics talk about ?
This album deals with the issue of the violent nature of humanity and it's hunger for power and domination. It's talking about this unaltered crave that has been masked with our so called ‘life' as we have shaped it to be. It's something that I at least wanted to talk about for a long time and was glad to know that our lyricist and bass player Jon Collins feels exactly the same way. We used some kind of a gritty futuristic concept in order to talk about the issues I mentioned but the main core of the story is inspired by everyday life.
This story which runs through Eight Moons will end on our next album 'Cannibalised'.

Where do you take inspiration ?
As I said earlier I love sci-fi in the vain of The Matrix, The Alien movies and these kindda stuff and I also like the way comic illustrators draw and create totally dark worlds. From the very beginning I felt that this approach was perfect for what I wanted to do with Biomechanical. What I wanted to avoid though would be to write some kind of a futuristic story about aliens , ray guns and some shit like that. I wanted to have lyrics with substance tha would explore the cruel nature of humanity. Inspiration for this kind of stuff is - unfortunately- in abundance. The truth bleeds through out TV sets about the w
interview Biomechanicalorld and it isn't pretty. We might forget reality through the escapism of ‘sub reality' (made out of the “importance” of day to day chores) but the truth is that we are living in a broken world. And this truth give us the inspiration to write the stuff we play.

How is the songs writing process in your band ?
I basically do the writing of the band and ensample the concept of the given album.
The writing is working out pretty much like a film music project. The story which runs through the album takes you to different moods, textures and tempos and as a songwriter I follow those guidelines. It's a lot easier for me to write this way instead of writing say 40 tracks and choose the best 14 or something like that.
So when the writing begins I always look for a good riff as the main building block. The rest usually fall in to place. Saying that there are moments that particular bits of songs can take a while to write. Then I write the melody and send the track to Jon Collins who is our lyric writer. He writes the lyrics and then it's all put together in the studio.

Is it hard for you to bore in U.K ?
Not really , there are a lot of work to be done over here so we are always working hard

Will you come in France to promote your new album?
We certainly hope so. Earache is now looking in to the touring situation and if all goes well we should be around were you guys are!!

What is your vision about the « Spirit of Metal » ?
It's a belief I think and a unified way of life that goes beyond music fashions or any crap like that. It's definitely a way of life

The last word is yours……..
Check out our album ‘The Empires of the Worlds' , it's out now!!
Thanx for the interview man and Metal On!!

Interview done by Julien

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