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Porn Star Dancing

Single, 21 Junho 2010, Mercury Records

My Darkest Days : Porn Star Dancing


1. Porn Star Dancing

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My Darkest Days

Album, 21 Setembro 2010, Mercury Records, 604 Records

My Darkest Days : My Darkest Days


1. Move Your Body
2. Porn Star Dancing (ft. Zakk Wylde & Chad Kroeger)
3. Every Lie
4. Like Nobody Else
5. The World Belongs to Me
6. Save Me
7. Set It on Fire (ft. Orianthi)
8. Come Undone (ft. Jessie James) (Duran Duran Cover)
9. Can't Forget You
10. Goodbye
11. Porn Star Dancing (ft. Ludacris)
12. Without You
13. Still Worth Fighting For

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Casual Sex

Single, 17 Janeiro 2012, Mercury Records

My Darkest Days : Casual Sex


1. Casual Sex

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Sick and Twisted Affair

My Darkest Days : Sick and Twisted Affair


1. Sick and Twisted Affair
2. Save Yourself
3. Casual Sex (ft. John 5)
4. Stutter
5. Nature of the Beast
6. Perfect
7. Again (ft. Barry Stock)
8. Gone
9. Love Crime
Bonustracks (Special Edition)
10. Rolling Stoned
11. Casual Sex (ft. John 5) (Rock Mix)
12. Like Nobody Else (Mountain View Remix)
13. Every Lie (Acoustic)
Bonustrack (iTunes Only)
14. Porn Star Dancing (Acoustic)

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Rolling Stoned

Single, 2016, Mercury Records

My Darkest Days : Rolling Stoned


1. Rolling Stoned

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