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Butchered by Beliefs

Demo, 1994, Self-Released

Impedigon : Butchered by Beliefs


1. Killed by God
2. Fear of Hell
3. Damn of the Christians
4. Dead Woods
5. Book of Emptiness
6. Jazzie

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Pilgrims from the Age of Fire

Demo, 1995, Self-Released

Impedigon : Pilgrims from the Age of Fire


1. Disciples of the Ancient Gods
2. Breath of Repulsion
3. Prophecy of the Invocated
4. Utopia of Subconscious Depravity
5. Killed by God

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As Desires Fade...

Album, Novembro 2001, The Last Shivering Planet Comp

Impedigon : As Desires Fade...


1. Pilgrims from the Age of Fire
2. Erotic Perversion
3. Incarnated Supremacy "Munitia Pt.II"
4. Scarved "Munitia Pt.I"
5. In Quest of...
6. Neverfading Memories "Spiritual Exploitation"
7. Cataract of a Dying Desire
8. I've Chosen
9. Immortal Beloved
10. Frozen in Time
11. Millenium Apocalypse

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