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Hell or High Water

Album, 27 Maio 2009, Self-Released

From Tomorrow : Hell or High Water


1. Enter Stage Right
2. The Montague Tragedy
3. From the Red
4. Run For the Hills
5. Return to the Alcan
6. Ctrl alt delete
7. The End Is What We Make It
8. Endless Ocean
9. Shake that Thang
10. Monster

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The Fear of Forever

Album, 24 Agosto 2010, Self-Released

From Tomorrow : The Fear of Forever


1. Marty McFly
2. The Corpses of Santa Carla
3. Al vs Topanga
4. Winnie Cooper
5. Bill Brasky
6. What's That, a Swatch Watch?
7. Slick Shoes
8. Amber Lamps

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