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When the Night Falls

Agnes Pihlava : When the Night Falls


1. Bleed
2. When the Night Falls
3. I Thought We Were Lovers
4. Change
5. Evil Empire
6. Danger in Love
7. Closed the Gates
8. Heartache
9. Just a Number
10. Ghost in My Heart
11. Who Would Ever Let a Love Like This Go

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I Thought We Were Lovers

Single, Setembro 2006, Self-Released

Agnes Pihlava : I Thought We Were Lovers


1. I Thought We Were Lovers 03:22
Total playing time 03:22

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Danger in Love

Single, Novembro 2006, Self-Released

Agnes Pihlava : Danger in Love


1. Danger in Love (Radio Edit) 03:33
Total playing time 03:33

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Album, 2009, Scandal Music Company

Agnes Pihlava : Redemption


1. Own Two Feet
2. For Your Redemption
3. Don't Fall in Love
4. Wasn't It Enough
5. Maybe I Was Wrong (Our Sweet Placebo)
6. In My Dreams
7. You Believe Her
8. Seventeen
9. Ready to Fall
10. Footsteps
11. This Moment
12. Tears with a Smile

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This Moment

Single, Abril 2009, Self-Released

Agnes Pihlava : This Moment


1. This Moment

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