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Biografia : Wulfshon

Wulfshon is an Argentinean band of Black/Death Metal. The musical composition and lyrics are inspired by several schools of philosophy combined with the nature of ancient Nordic-Germanic symbolism. Wulfshon was born as Matias Taubas Oyola’s soloist project on year 2004.
The project consolidated as a band on March of 2009 with the following members: Matias Taubas Oyola – Guitar and clean voice, Paulo Bianchi (Empyros) – voice and guitar, Sebastian Torcisi (Dionysus) – drums and choir and Diego Pascual (Sköll) – Bass.
On April 2009, the band has its official debut on the Heathen Alliance Festival with Martin Walkyier from Skyclad. The band owns two EPs produced independently: “Awaiting the Ragnarok” (2008) and “UUulfsson” (2009).
Throughout year 2010, the band has recorded its first album, “Prinnit Mittilagart”, which is only awaiting its release to the world. Early in 2011, Sebastian Torcisi and Diego Pascual have decided to step away from the band in order to follow projects of their own. After several tests, Wulfshon decides who will replace them: Pablo Taubas Oyola on the drums and Fernando Larriestra on the bass.
At this point, the band is looking for a record producing company in order to be able to send the best of Black-Death Metal to the whole world.