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Everything started many years ago when playing an instrument came into my mind. After a short reflexion I decided to start playing guitar. At this time I was listening to Heavy metal, Thrash metal and Black metal. It was nearly in 1994 or something like this. I enter my first band ever in April 1998, this band is called LORD. It"s a fucking good French Black Metal band (see LINKS section for more ...). After some line up changes, concerts and 3 recordings (2 in studios and one by our own), I had to quit the band in the beginning of year 2003 because I had to move in Germany. I arrived in Aschaffenburg with the main idea of finding a new band quickly. After a few time, I understood that it won"t be really easy ... so I decided to create my own band and record everything by my own. In Lord I made some vocals, so I was able to record guitars, bass and to sing. The main problem was the drums ! Thanks to Lord"s drummer Armageddon, I had a software to create drum parts via midi and record everything on my computer. I started to write songs and record them during May and June 2003. Armageddon offerd me to do the mastering of the demo and update the sound of the drums, which I accept !!! The result of all this is a SATANIC mix between TRHASH METAL and BLACK METAL. Some people can say it"s the same kind of music as I played in LORD on "Hell"s Fuckin" Metal", and I say : for sure, it"s the music we were listening to and the music we liked to play ! But I try to create something a little bit different instead of making easy copy. The first demo is now recorded, and available until September 2003. The second demo, a split cd with the french band Z.B.T is also available. A Bathory cover has been recorded by myself on guitars, bass and vocals, and Armageddon for the drums and the mix. This is for a tribute which should be released soon. Other projects are running, including the third demo with an official line-up :Mephisto - H.C.L - Armageddon.