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Biografia : Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis

- Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis began decomposing in 1999, setting out from the grave to create the most extreme porno gore decompositions, December saw the recording of the first demo tape “Lynphatic Descomposition Esquistosomiasis” which was release on Maykos Records. The release was limited to 600 copies, 10 songs of brutal extreme porno gore, this release was to be remastered and re released as a split with the killer Japanese band Butcher ABC (feat. Ex members of Maggoty Corpse and CSSO) on legendary Obliteration Records and American Line Productions.

- At the end of 2000 Paracocci… vomited forth another fetid remains entitled “Cunnilingus”, 6 songs more extreme and sick than the previous release. It was also released by Maykos Records. This demo has been remastered and is set for release with Irish Goregrinders Grotesque Embalment in 2006.

- In June 2002 the first full length cd was recorded, “satyriasis and ninphomania”, 10 songs of depraved porno gore, the cd was a cummilation of all the bands efforts up to know and ranas among the sickest porno gore cds ever released, the cd being recorded by none other than Edgar from Disgorge (mex).

- The band have toured all over Mexico and South America : colima, Zamora, Tepic, Mazatlán, ocotlan, matehuala, Guadalajara, la barca, Irapuato, salamanca, Cortazar, león, Morelia, Querétaro, Celaya, Tampico, cd.victoria, monterrey, nuevo Laredo, tlalnepantla, cd,mexico, puebla, tlaxcala, Oaxaca, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Tapachula, Mérida, campeche, cd. Del carmen, pto. De Veracruz, Aguascalientes, y mas, y en algunas de estas ciudades con tres o mas visitas. También han hecho presencia en países como: Guatemala y el salvador.

- They have also played with major bands both Mexican and International : ravager (rip), pandemia (rep. Checa), baal. Ereshkigal, avulsed (españa), nefrotopsis, rótense, horrifield (rip), asmas, disgorge, exhumed(usa), bloodreaping, leprosy, transmetal, prohibitory, sinister(holanda), anarchus, pulverizad, putrid scum, c.a.r.n.e., cacofonía, the forensic, mar de lluvias, dahmerized, cativeiro(brasil), purgatoria(usa), hol a wit, equimanthron, deep red(Finlandia), krankhatf, xiuhtecutli, ethereum, obsceno, lacrimae, anorrectal protuberance, rotten blood, semen, viceral grinder, viceral lust, fecalizer, blaspherion,hipermenorrea, hematoma, sarcoma, terrorist(argentina), piraña, from fogotten being, oxidised rezor, excrement, mazinger, lasthor, les fleurs do mort, tension, necrocultus, degrade, the pit, deathcrush, rigor mortis, sabbathani, axon, septicem, roots of rot, derrame, amnesty, scrum, putrid corpse, decapitated body found, violador, cadáver, anestesia, anal incisión, decapitado, abrogar, devoured, putrescens, whoreevil, chronic infection, bloodian, candida albicans, pigto

- The band has received much worldwide attention and critical acclaim. The band attribute theyre lyrical infleucnes to : sickness, graves, serial killers, orgys, perversity, bands like: Carcass and Canníbal Corpse, blood, diseases, Pathology and Promiscuity.

- The band name is a disease of the skin. Annorectal mucuse, gangrene, genital decomposition.In 2006 Paracocci.. Hill go into record theyre second full length entitled “aromática germenexcitacion en orgías de putrefacción viscosa y amarga”.

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