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Biografia : Merankorii

Merankorii was born in the beginning of 2004 as a side project of Mind Booster Noori, a tentative form of cultural art with a melancholic and depressive touch of a reality injection to a body who had no more hope on living.

It soon evolved to what it could be a quite schizophrenic movie, but it, instead, turned into "Doom Poetry from a Melancholic Soul", a Doomish sound that you're able to hear in the first CD, released in April 2005.

Four months later all the CD's were sold out, but the recordings of Merankorii's second one, Crash, were already on the process... At 2005's Winter Solistice, the 21st of December, Crash was released in a 50 copies edition.

In 2006 Merankorii appeared in two compilations: "Armageddon Vol. 1" with the track "Solitude", and "Metal Legions - Vol. II" with the track "Interlude".

Merankorii signed to Necrogoat Heresy Productions in 2006, and Merankorii's 3rd album "Melencolia III" was released on the 15th of January 2007.

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