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Krisiun has finished their first 10 years in 2000 harvesting the results of great efforts with a lot of difficulties and serious work. With proud to be part of metal underground, the brothers Max and Moyses Kolesne and Alex Camargo enter the new millenium with the certainty that is writing one history of respect and profissionalism like one of the brazilian bands with more approbation in the world.

The construction of this status has started in 1990, when the trio used to live in Rio Grande do Sul state. The start in metal came as inheritance from their oldest brother, that already like bands such as Black Sabbath and Dio. By the steady listening to their records the three Krisiun's musicians enjoyed the sound and, of course, the cover drawings. Like all headbanger, their youth was marked buying records ot their favourite groups. To increase the collection, it was necessary to invest a great part of the salary that the guys receive from the first jobs. Alex couldn't wait the pay day to go straight to "Megaforce", one of the first stores specialized in Rio Grande do Sul capital.

From there, he took a great part of the Krisiun's influences. The most important two albuns they were influenced by was Slayer's "Show no Mercy" and Morbid Angel's "Altars Of Madness". Both records have transformed the life of the Krisiun family, showing a new and fascinating face of the old and good metal. The roaring voices and the instruments played with so much energy and velocity instigated one immediate reaction.

It was time to get more closer to their idols. Without money to buy good equipments, the band worked at the beginning with simple instruments. The metal underground raised up at a euphoric period in Brazil and fanzines started to cross the country. Krisiun has entered the scene keeping contact with other brazilian bands and fanzines. The idea was grow up in the underground and show the band's concepts all over the world: play the real metal. Soon, the style of Krisiun was melded, with the velocity and the power of what was named death metal together.

By learning everything themselves, Alex, Max and Moyses did the first demo tape "Evil Age" (1991). The next year, a second tape - "Curse of the Evil One" (1992) - was recorded. Since then, the requests from the underground didn't stopped. Knowing that São Paulo opened the doors to work professional only, the brothers have decided to move and live far from their family. At this new city, the musicians have to intensify the endeavour to record the self paid mini album "Unmerciful Order" (1993).

Since then, Krisiun quickly gained the status of a cult band as a result of the high velocity of the compositions and for the impressive live performance. In 1995 the first full lenght, "Black Force Domain", was released. Only two years later the album came to a great public and got picked up by the german label Gun Records. The CD received high notes in the specialized press and has taken Krisiun to european stages for the first time.

In may of 1997 the group have done 20 shows in Germany. So Krisiun have setted up a big fan base and a lot of doors were opened to put the trio in a way more visible. The same year in december they came back to Europe and did more 30 shows were with Kreator and Dimmu Borgir. In 1998 Krisiun recorded "Apocalyptic Revelation" at Harrys Johns' Musiclab studios in Germany. The brazilians have toured with Cradle Of Filth, Napalm Death and Borknagar over Europe. Another 30 headliner shows were done with the opening act of Soilwork.

Other facts that helped Krisiun's divulgation were the presence of the band's tributes to Kreator and Sodom. Despite the trio doesn't have so much interest in these kind of work, Alex, Max and Moyses have enjoyed the idea of pay homenage in two of their influences. The classic hit "Total Death" of Kreator's "Endless Pain" was released in a ultra fast version and "Nuclear Winter" was indicated to Krisiun by Sodom's leader Tom Angelripper. Krisiun has crossed the USA with success in a tour with Angel Corpse and Incantation during february 1999. That was the first 30 shows in North America.

And in that tour raised a great opportunity for the brazilians. One of the Milwaukee Metal Fest producers saw them in action. A Krisiun fan, the producer have invited them to play at the festival in july. At the same period, Century Media Records offered a contract that made the release of "Conquerors Of Armageddon" possible. Certainly it is the best Krisiun album until now and it has a powerful and accurate production, done by Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal guitarrist) and engineered by Andy Classen (Rotting Christ, Holy Moses). The songs were recorded at Stage One Studios, in Germany, in winter of 1999. On the drums, Max puts a violent heavy punch, while the guitarwork of Moyses is polished at the same time. The vocals of Alex are impressive such as his demarcation on the bass.

At the end of 1999 the members of Krisiun fulfilled one ancient dream when they played with Morbid Angel, one of their biggtest influences. For Alex, Max and Moyses, divide the stage and establish a friendship with the idols compensated the most part of the difficulties that they have faced during all this time of devotion to metal. The year 2000 is the most intense on Krisiun's history. With a lot of dates booked, the band done more than 120 show in line, USA - Europe - USA - Brasil USA, making the most extensive tour of a brazilian band in all times.

In april Krisiun have done 30 shows at the side of Satirycon, Immortal and Angel Corpse in North America. Straight to Europe, they played with Old Man's Child, Gorgoroth and Soul Reaper in 25 more shows in may. The next month, Krisiun came back to the USA to do another 30 dates, this time with Kataklysm and Dismember. Another moment of personal glory for the brazilians was to have Kerry King in one of their shows even. Better: the Slayer guitarrist went to backstage to give his greetings to Krisiun. That wasn't the first contact between the band and Kerry, because Krisiun have played with Slayer in Germany at the With Full Force Festival (an the same edition that Iron Maiden was one of the attractions) in front of 7 thousand people.

Finnaly back io Brasil, Krisiun did a great tour in their country playing in the south, southwest, north-east and mid-west regions.In november, the group started the composition of the new effort, "Ageless Venomous", that was recorded in Brasil and produced by the band and Tchello Martins. Released in august, 2001, the album has received very good comments worldwide. The tour has taken Krisiun back to Milwaukee Metal Fest besides 16 gigs with Immolation on USA and also great performances in Fuck The Commerce Festival and Wacken Open Air, both in Germany. During october, the band has done his three first shows in Japan and was the opening act on the south american tour of Nevermore. At the same month, Krisiun finnaly done his first gig in other latin country, playing live in Chile. After a break of only seven days, Krisiun went to Europe again to headline a tour on Poland and, after, to play 19 dates with Kreator and Cannibal Corpse in all Europe. To end 2001, Krisiun is one of the members of X-Mass Fest 2001, together with Marduk, Kreator, Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Vomitory and Dark Funeral.

To close the year, more 12 gigs were done with Kreator, Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Nile, Vomitory and Dark Funeral na X-Mass Fest 2001 in Europe. Other good result was "Ageless Venomous" as the only metal album included on "Best of 2001" from Rolling Stone magazine.

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