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If you are dreaming about an album full of fast and melodic death metal with teeming twin guitars then maybe you should wake up and listen to In Thy Dreams. Formed in early 1996, In Thy Dreams soon came out with the obligatory demo tape and scored a deal with Wrong Again Records. February 1997 saw the release of their debut mini-CD "Stream of Dispraised Souls".

In late 1997 the alarm clock sounded once more and In Thy Dreams entered the studio to record their debut full length album. But, but, but... Suddenly Wrong Again Records took a long nap and woke up as WAR Music. Unfortunately this resulted in canning the In Thy Dreams record for days, months and years... During the time in record-label-re-constructing-limbo, WAR Music was swamped by angry demands from tireless fans who wanted to hear In Thy Dreams. Finally in late 1999, "The Gate Of Pleasure" saw the light of day. This album boasts a powerful but textured metal sound guaranteed to satisfy the metal devil in your soul.

The brand new full length release from In Thy Dreams is called "Highest Beauty". Just like the album title suggests, this opus revolves around the eternal search for perfection. Because of this, the album had to mature during almost two years before release, just like fine wine. Once again, In Thy Dreams recorded in Studio Underground. The ten tracks display a no-compromise approach to music, sharp and lethal, ranging from their trademark fast-and-fluent style to a heavier, darker, more sinister feel. In fact, the always discriminating WAR Staff agreed that the song "Surrealistic Insanity" provides exactly the kind of twisted raw material haunting nightmares are made of. H.P. Lovecraft would have loved this...