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In 1993 MARCUS REGEL (git), UWE ROEDEL (git), THOMAS BORN (bass) and PIERRE KRUEGER (dr) formed their first band BLACK PROPHECY (later changed in INFERNAL BLEEDING) in Thuringia/Germany to play death metal. The first two years the band was not playing live or releasing anything but they spent their time just writing songs and rehearsing. At the beginning of summer 1995 ANDREAS KAUFMANN (voc, former on KRYPTA) joined the band, while he still had activities with the death-thrash-band NAMELESS. The first songs were written and the band was able to play live for the first time and ready to record the previous written material, but UWE REOEDEL misliked the plans about it and left the band. PATRICK W. ENGEL(git) and OLAF RIEGLER (key) joined the band and the name changed into IMPENDING DOOM. A few weeks later the band recorded their first studiotrack "My Goddess" for possible release on an underground CD-compilation. But this project never became reality. In Summer 1995 the debut-demo "Messias Abaddon" was finished and very good reviews in national and international underground-zines were the results for the work on this piece. After 600 sold copies IMPENDING DOOM decided to limit this edition. First concerts were following, together with such great bands as OCCULT, MAYHEMIC TRUTH or KRABATHOR, for example.
In February 1996 the band recorded a promo tape called "Pagan Fires" to look for a possible record deal. This tape was limited to 100 copies only and made exclusively for labels and concert managers. During the same year IMPENDING DOOM signed by PERVERTED TASTE (Germany) for a 2 year period (2 albums), but short time before signing the band released a split-7" E.P. with good friends of ATANATOS (UNHOLY BAPHOMET RECORDS, the small underground label of ANDREAS KAUFMANN).
Early 1997 the recording sessions for the debut album "Caedes Sacrilegae" began, followed by many technical mistakes and misunderstoods with the sound engineer. The final result was a very bad-produced recording with tiny drums and burbling guitars and didn´t represent the real atmosphere the band would have liked to create but with the very small studio budget it was impossible to redo the recordings.
After some more live shows OLAF RIEGLER left band because personal and musical difficulties. IMPENDING DOOM became a quintett and decided to play without keyboarder in future.
The mini tour with GORGOROTH and MYSTIC CIRCLE or the three-weeks-tour with COERCION and PURGATORY were very important gigs in the band's history. It was the very first time for the band playing in foreign countries (poland, netherlands) and a good international promotion.
Short time before the tour started, IMPENDING DOOM began the recordings for the second album "Signum of Hate" on RAPE OF HARMONIES. Patrick became the sound engineer and the band decided to record without other producers. In August 1998 "Signum of Hate" was released and followed by euphoric reviews in and outside Germany. In Russia this album was released on a limited tape version including two bonus tracks, also included on the LP version. After this tape was sold out, some bootlegs were made to satisfy the fans.
During the same year IMPENDING DOOM played with German cult-thrashers SODOM and the gig on the FUCK THE COMMERCE II FESTIVAL has been a highlight, too.
In 1999 a new split-7" E.P. together with EXMORTEM from denmark became released and also the band started to write new songs for the forthcoming album. After the release of "Signum of Hate" the deal with PERVERTED TASTE was finished and the band went back to studio again to record a four-track promo CD to look for a new company. In late summer the small underground label DEADLY ART released a vinyl-only 10" mini-LP, including new and rare live material. In the end of 2000 IMPENDING DOOM signed a new deal with CUDGEL AGENCY to release the third full-length album "Apocalypse III. - The Manifested Purgatorium" in summer 2001. The small German label CHRISTHUNT PRODUCTIONS released a limited edition LP version (500 pieces) with gatefold cover, including bonusmaterial. The reaction of the international press and underground scene was very good and the album got 8 out of 10 points in German metal magazine ROCK HARD.
In late summer IMPENDING DOOM recorded a cover version of czech black metal cult band MANIAC BUTCHER for possible inclusion on a compilation-CD which shall be released in the U.S.. But the project got stopped because of financial problems. The band decided to make a limited edition 7" E.P. in july 2002, including this track and also a brandnew song.
After the release of the third album the deal with CUDGEL AGENCY was finished and now IMPENDING DOOM signed at VOICE OF LIFE, a hardcore and metal label from Germany.
The Jubileum-double-CD "Beyond The Altar Of Obscurity - A Decade Of Blasphemy" was released. It includes much rare material (livetracks, rehearsal, roughmixes, demos etc.) and shows the evolution of IMPENDING DOOM from 1993 - 2003.
Short time after the release drummer Pierre left the band and so we got Dreier (ex-SEIRIM) on drums. 3 or 4 rehearsals were made together, but the motivation died slowly, so Thomas (bass) decided to leave the band and Andy (vocals) followed him few weeks after.
Marcus (guitar) and Engel (guitar) planned to create a new project on the roots of the band and they buried IMPENDING DOOM for all time. The follow-up-project of Marcus and Engel was never realised.

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