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Cornerstone is a collaboration between Doogie and Steen Mogensen, bass player with Danish rockers Royal Hunt. The idea for CS came in about in 1999 when RH were looking for a new vocalist. Steen had taken the time to write an albums worth of material with views to releasing a solo record. He had seen Doogie in Rainbow and liked what he heard. Contact was made and Doogie listened to the songs Steen sent him.

Doogie says "I was very impressed with quality of the songs and also the challenge that they presented. It was a completely different kind of music than I had ever sung before. Kinda Prog/Pomp stuff. Lots of atmosphere and keyboards, clever arrangements."

The album took a couple of months from start to finish and several days were spent in Denmark recording the vocals for what was to become the first Cornerstone release Arrival. What happened next came as a wee bit of surprise to both Steen and Doogie. Steen then gathered some guys together and they played a show in Copenhagen for around 150 invited guests to launch Arrival. That is the only show Cornerstone have played. It was recorded with views to perhaps releasing couple of songs as bonus tracks later on.

"I knew it was a good record as the songs and sounds were very strong. The record started doing really well, fans, press and radio stations really loved it, which was great. The surprise was the record company asking if we would do 2 more albums. That was just what we wanted. After the show we had a few beers and talked about doing another record, Steen asked if I would like to contribute some ideas. We sent tapes across the sea several times. Steen did all the demos and that"s where Kasper came in. He had played on Steen"s demos and when I heard him I was blown away. I said "We must have this guy playing on the record". Both albums were recorded and produced by Steen in Media Sound Studios in Copenhagen. He does all the hard work, I just pop in now and again... Anyway when we do take the band on the road I hope Allen, Rune and Kasper will be available, as their contribution to the sound of the band is important".

Already ideas are being worked on for the next CS album. For now you have two very great and different albums from this exciting new band/project: Arrival and Human Stain.(Official Site)