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Biografia : Alghazanth

Alghazanth came to life in September 1995 and took its first steps as a duo with Veilroth on guitars and Gorath Moonthorn on drums. Later on the same year, Thasmorg (guitars, vocals) and Dreminoc (bass) joined this union and things got finally going. In late 1996 Alghazanth started planning their first release and due to this A. Simonen joined the band as a session synth player. The debut demotape, "Behind The Frozen Forest", was recorded with a 4-tracker and therefore the sounds aren't that majestic. Quite soon after recording the first assault, Dreminoc got kicked out from Alghazanth and Thasmorg took responsibility over the bass as well. At the same time A. Simonen became a permanent member.
In May 1997, Alghazanth unleashed their first studio recording, "Dim is the Moon's Light"-demo, which proved that the band had progressed quite a lot since the first tape.

In November 1997, a new studio visit occured. This time the outcome was a promotional tape consisting of three tracks with fairly good sounds and atmosphere. The tape was sent to some labels and resulted in a deal with finnish Woodcut Records. Now, one episode came to an end and another began.

In June 1998, Alghazanth invaded the legendary TicoTico-studio and spent there 12 days recording the debut album, "Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity". Due to various delaying factors, "Thy aeons..." wasn't released until the end of 1999.

Some line-up changes occured as Nebiros (vocals) and Melchor (bass) joined the band enabling Thasmorg to concentrate fully on guitar. With this assemble, Alghazanth entered Watercastle Studio in May 2000 and recorded "Subliminal Antenora", the follow-up for "Thy aeons..."-album. During these recording sessions Melchor was replaced by Grimort (former Funeris Nocturnum -guitarist).

In July 2001, time came for Alghazanth to enter the studio facilities once again. After a tormenting month, the new full-lenght "Osiris-Typhon unmasked" was recorded.