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Few friends had several speed/thrash metal bands and after getting into Death Metal and Grindcore, they decided to start a new band. Guitarist, Tomi (Koivusaari) left Violent Solution to do so and other guitarist, Kalle (Mattsson) along with Jukka (Kolehmainen) on Vocals and Bassist Jussi (Ahlroth) had a band called Disaster, while Drummer Kimmo (Heikkinen) had just bought drums.
The band was formed in early 1989 after playing some time under several different names, after recording one demo tape they got a suggestion to do a 7" EP, after several gigs around Finland, a short visit to Norway (one gig and a party/sleepover at Black Metal band Mayhem's house) with our second Drummer Mika 'Arkki' Arnkil (Arkki was on 'leave' from Antidote), the band broke up in 1990, shortly after this Relapse Records contacted us for a recording deal. Timing, eh?
The 7" EP was released by this rip-off label Seraphic Decay Records which was managed by this fuckface of a man, Steve O'Bannon. Whithout a written contract of anykind we lost all of the (possible) money and Steve took it all. Same happened to Xysma, Derketa and Incatation as far as i know.
Members after Abhorrence:

Juice played guitar in a Psych/Stoner band Spiha, but left the band after getting tired of the touring and pressude the band put on his personal life. He is a devout buddhist, a freelance journalist and has also done some work for few book publishers.

Tomi has been in Amorphis playing guitar and occasionally singing ever since, he has also been in several other bands. Ajattara, Verenpisara, Jam-Bore to name few. He is also the proud father of a two chilrden.

Arkki was in Antidote (R.I.P.) for 10 years, after it broke up he played in all kinds of projects (N.O.E. Panic, Nevergreen) and is currently in Impaled Nazarene as the bass player. Proud father of two children.

Kalle doesn't play anymore, but he did play guitar for a long time before giving it up.

Kimmo is who knows where, last word of him said he studied something at the Helsinki University.

Jukka went on to write for a magazine called Suomi Finland Perkele Metal Magazine and playing DJ gigs at metal clubs and events. Had his own club called Stoner Hands Of Doom Club and later started to write reviews and interviews for Imperiumi.Net. Also studied Network Administration and Programming.