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Biografia : Aberrant Vascular

Aberrant Vascular was formed during the annoingly hot summer of 2003 by a local opera vocalist Lumi and the keyboardist of the now deceased Kalman Varjot, Mr. Rych. From the very beginning intentions were to combine various styles of music, making something unheard, creating something unique. The genre became "Operatic Avantgarde Metal".

After testing out with a few short-time members, the guitar-player Sade was found and he joined in. Months later, Leca, a friend of Mr. Rych, turned out to be a bass player and was invited into the band. Finally the band asked Juno, who had been the drummer of Kalman Varjot, and he accepted.

While the end of '03 was spent searching for proper band-members and a good rehearsal place, at the turn of the year the band was already into serious rehearsing. Luckily every band member had nearly ten years of music experience, so after everybody had gotten accustomed to the style, working together turned out to function rather fluently.

During winter and spring of '04, Aberrant Vascular had made enough material to participate in Mettisrock, a small band event, excellent for testing out the band LIVE. The gig went as planned and the next step was to get a demo recorded.

The very first demo Actaeon was recorded at Fantom studio on june 2004 and during the following summer was distributed throughout the world gaining excellent feedback. Band played (unfortunately only one) gig at Seinäjoki and promoted themselves almost sober at Finnish Metal Expo.

Untill spring '05 Aberrant had acchieved a little attention among medias and consumers. Miasma magazine published a proper interview about AV and the internet contained several reviews. The boys did a first gig abroad in Stockholm in append to few in Finland.

It was about time to breed offspring to Actaeon. New material was concluded in a hurry 'cause of tight schedules and Aberrant Vascular entered Fantom again. The result was Thyestes, even more controversial representation of band than the previous one.

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