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Athens, GR Cost:N/A Description:AASGARD arose in winter 2006 in Hellas(Athens).The horde was founded by Vompras and Aethyr,then Marrok joined in,first as a session drummer.The current line-up is the same as above : Aethyr-guitars-vocals,Marrok-drums,Vompras-bass-vocals. Marrok played in the near past with Dark Empire and Order Of The Nine Angels.Vompras is performing with Caedes Cruenta but just as a session bassist.Aethry as well perfomed with Xrysaor, Dark Empire and Order Of The Nine Angels. The music of AASGARD (Aethyr) is mainly inspired by own personal thoughts,visions,dreams,so it comes from within.The riffs are simple,strange and barbaric,we try to provide a powerful and medivial atmosphere.The lyrics (Vompras,Aethyr) deal with dark emotions,occult nature,war themes,violence and Christianity. AASGARD don't spread out their ideology and philosophy,nor make politics through music. Vompras,on behalf of Aasgard

Source : http://www.myspace.com/aasgardgr