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Biografia : 2nd Suicide

The story of 2nd Suicide began during spring 2004 when three gentlemen from the capital area of Finland, Vesa Norrbacka (bass), Lauri Helenius (guitar) and Janos Pap (guitar) decided to join forces and create a band. However, shortly after this Janos felt the urge to explore the planet earth and moved to Australia to become a beachbum.

After lots of hassle and booze a replacement for Janos was found. Heikki Laakso joined the band to play guitar and in addition his roommate, Tero Arvola, was a drummer who was also looking for a band so we auditioned him and voilá, we had almost a full line-up.

Lots of rehearsing and writing music during the summer-autumn of 2004. Well, booze too.

Things looked pretty nice apart from the fact that we didn't have a singer. To solve this and finally complete the circle of 2nd Suicide we put up ads on several websites announcing that we were looking for a singer. We got quite a few responses and auditioned a few of them. The last one to auditon was Ator The Barbarian, a.k.a. Toni Toivonen. His growling-capabilities convinced us and there we had it; a full line-up.

During the late summer of 2005 Heikki got fed up with the whole Gothenburg-sound and resigned so it was time for some more ads. Mikko Pekkanen took the bait and joined our ranks on the last quarter of 2005.

During the winter-spring 2006 2nd Suicide had its first gigs and our first demo was recorded on June 2006.

Shortly after the recording-sessions Vesa showed lack of motivation towards 2nd Suicide and eventually resigned during the darkening days of October.

A month passed without a bassplayer until we got news that a friend of a friend who happened to play the bass had just resigned from his former band. Toni called him asking if he'd be interested in joining us and, to our fortune, yes he was. He joined us for our rehearsals a few weeks later and it didn't take us long to realize that this was the man to play the bass for 2nd Suicide, and so Joni was recruited.

At the end of November 2006 Tero moved to Malaysia as an exchange student and was replaced by Wellu Helenius also known from The Wake.

Currently 2S is in the process of writing & rehearsing new material and is also preparing to enter the studio again in the early spring of 2007.

Source : http://www.2ndsuicide.com/bio.html