Sandra Nasic

Nome Sandra Nasic
Birth date 25 Maio 1976
País Germany
Cidade Göttingen

Guano Apes

Sandra Nasic was born in Göttingen, to Croatian parents. After divorce, her mother stayed with both daughters – Sandra and Lilly. Girls only saw their father during the holidays. Nasic began making music in eight grade, with her schoolmate who had a band. Shortly after that, she had first gig with her band, Villaine. After graduating from high school in 1995, Sandra wanted to study design; however, she ended up as the lead vocalist of metal band called Guano Apes.
The band’s career took off after winning a contest called “Local Heroes” in 1996. More than a thousand bands and solo musicians were participating in that competition, but Guano Apes stood out with their song “Open Your Eyes”. The main prize was the opportunity to record an album.
In 2005 Nasic left the band and began her solo career. In October 2007, she released album titled The Signal.
Guano Apes reunited in 2009, with the same line-up as four years ago. Two years after that they released their fourth studio album – Bel Air. The band is currently on a short break as Nasic become one of the judges on the third German X-Factor.