Martin Axenrot

Nome Martin Axenrot
Birth date 05 Março 1979
País Sweden
Cidade Linköping

Nephenzy Chaos Order

Bloodbath (SWE)


Satanic Slaughter

1998 2006 The Band's Page

Martin "Axe" Axenrot (born 1979 in Linköping, Sweden) is the drummer for the bands Bloodbath, Satanic Slaughter, Witchery, and most recently, Opeth. Axenrot played with Opeth on their last five tours, filling in for then drummer Martin Lopez. On May 12, 2006, he officially joined the band as Lopez left permanently. Axenrot has been jokingly been referred to as the Lord of The Rings character Legolas by band members and fans. "He's kind of pretty, looks like Legolas," remarked Mikael Åkerfeldt. On Åkerfeldt also said that Axenrot completed his drumming part for eleven tracks on the new Opeth album 'Watershed' in just seven days. In an interview, Martin said, "Rudiments and technique in general were encouraged by my drum teacher Stig Bendric, who has passed away now, but had always played in the army and with the Norrköping Symphonic Orchestra. He was a huge Buddy Rich fan, and could play really impressive stuff. It made me appreciate the sense of swing when playing".