Edsel Dope

Nome Edsel Dope
Birth date 1974
País USA
Cidade desconhecido
  • Dope

  • Edsel Dope (born Brian Ebejer, March 21, 1974 in West Palm Beach, FL) is the lead singer and main songwriter for industrial metal band, Dope, originally from New York City. Dope was founded on December 10, 1997 by Edsel and his brother, Simon Dope (keyboards).

    Edsel co-produced all of Dope's albums. On Felons & Revolutionaries, Dope's first album (released in 1999), Edsel played and programmed most of the musical instruments. Dope is essentially Edsel's band, and although some of his choices may not always meet the approval of his fans, he has still managed to keep Dope active, through its many trials and tribulations.

    Edsel has an interest for electronic gadgetry, and has always been leader for Dope's programming and keyboard sounds in the recording studio. He is a self-taught musician and a guitarist as well as bass player. Before forming Dope, Edsel's ambition was to make his mark in music as a drummer. He now plays drums in Makeshift Romeo, a band that features Tripp and Dereks of Twisted Method and Dope guitarist Virus.