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Band Name The Amity Affliction
Album Name Youngbloods
Type Album
Data de lançamento 18 Junho 2010
Estilo de MúsicaMetalcore
Membros têm este álbum42


 I Hate Hartley
 H.M.A.S Lookback
 Fire or Knife
 Dr. Thunder
 Olde English 800
 No Sleep 'Till Brisbane
 R.I.P. Foghorn
 Fuck the Yankees (ft. Helmet Roberts of The Daylight Curse)

Total playing time: 38:07

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Crítica @ miniradman

10 Dezembro 2010

Underground Awesomeness

Youngbloods is The Amity Affliction’s latest Album. This album was released in June 2010 by Boomtown Records and is of the Post-Hardcore genre. The Amity Affliction is another gem that has come out of Australia but has not made it into the mainstream scene across the world. Although they are not well known across the world, they are almost a household name in Australia. I think that it is time for Post-Hardcore lovers to discover this band. Youngbloods is their latest and greatest album. This album features what all good Post-Hardcore bands should have; a decent melody, breakdowns, decent clean vocals and most importantly a good dirty vocalist.

While Metalcore giants Parkway Dive and I Killed The Prom Queen have made it to the world stage, there has been quality Post-hardcore bands that haven’t quiet made it there yet. I think that this album is going to be the thing that makes The Amity Affliction renowned across the world as one of the best Post-Hardcore bands. This Album has emotion, awesome vocals and it sounds great musically. The Recording quality of this album is very clear as well. Both dirty and clean vocals are very crisp and sound amazing. The screamo artist has a scream that is very distorted and high pitched which is very suitable for the type of music. The clean vocalist is also very good, he sings almost perfectly. I cannot recall any parts where either vocalists have screwed their voice up or where their voice has failed on them.

This album has its emotional side to it as well. Almost every song on this track has some kind of emotional element to it. The most emotional in this album would have to be the songs RIP Foghorn or H.M.A.S Lookback. The melody is also very good as well and is gold standard as far as Post-Hardcore is concerned. There a few stand out tracks on this album. The best out of all of them would have to be Youngbloods, Anchors and I Hate Hartley.

This album is very good but there are a few things that can improve it. Firstly there are not that many breakdowns at all during the course of this album. The only good one would have to be the one at the start of the song I Hate Hartley and there is also one in Dr.Thunder. Also there are parts where the clean vocalist sings, sure his vocals are really good. Except that musically they drop all melody and sound. This is very noticeable in most of their songs. Also I think that his vocals sound way too computer generated (theory). It doesn’t really matter to me about how the vocals are generated but I may affect some listeners. Also the dirty vocalist uses the same type of screamo throughout the album. This is very common with most Screamo/Post-Harcore artists though.
Also muscically they are good but they aren’t amazing. They focus more on emotion and simple melodies rather than over the top music. This can be good and bad. I think that this can be good because it eliminates the possibility of over complicating the music. Sometimes the same simple music can get a little boring. These are all just minor problems with this album and should not make this album disappointing.

Overall I think that this album is one of the finest Post-Hardcore/Screamo albums around. I think it is a shame that they are fairly underground. My theory is that when more people hear this album. Their popularity will sky-rocket. I recommend the songs Youngbloods, Anchors and I Hate Hartley. I strongly recommend this album to anyone who likes Post-Hardcore, Screamo and Metalcore. This overall is an amazing album and I give it a 18/20.

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