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Band Name Tyrants (ITA)
Album Name Tyrants
Type Demo
Data de lançamento 2006
Labels Self-Released
Estilo de MúsicaSymphonic Black
Membros têm este álbum2


1. The March
2. Uruk-Hai
3. Revenge
4. In the Land Of Mordor

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Tyrants (ITA)

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Crítica @ tyrants

24 Setembro 2007
When I first came across this band I really was not expecting to much. Tyrants seemed like a few kids who thought a keyboard would sound interesting with a drum machine and some yells and gurgles, but in all honesty they put a rather decent effort into their songs and this demo is worth a real listen.
All the songs on the demo follow a rather similar pattern with a seperate into on each, so its not like any of them have any relations, also none of them seem to spand to far over four minutes. The blackend thrash guitars are not to impressive but are really very catchy and tend to get stuck in my head. Another thing about the guitars are the solos and the black leads, they are extremley epic and certainly apropriate for the songs conditions, they blend and mix well (along with most of the instraments). The drums are programed well also fit decently in, nothing impresive speed or technicality wise some notable double bass. The vocals pretain the true black metal of the demo, they stay true to a very dark sound and could be compaired to that of 1349 or possiablly later Immortal. But what it is about this demo that really drove me to award it with an 82 is the synth, it to me is the main focus of all the instraments and holds the key to the Tyrants success and gain of acknowlegments in the world of black metal. The synths are simply amazing, it is the first thing in most of the songs that trully makes me want to come back and listen again.

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