To the Death

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Band Name Nervochaos
Album Name To the Death
Type Album
Data de lançamento 06 Setembro 2012
Estilo de MúsicaDeath Metal
Membros têm este álbum1


1. Mark of the Beast 02:21
2. Sheep Amongst Wolves 03:07
3. Your World's Trend 03:20
4. Gospel of Judas 03:48
5. The Exile 02:44
6. To the Death 02:30
7. Hate 04:12
8. Smoking Mortal Remains 03:17
9. Mind Under Siege 03:09
10. Delusions and Lies 03:33
11. Destroyer of Worlds 02:05
12. Warlords Unbound 03:59
13. Wolves Curse 04:37
Total playing time 42:42

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Crítica @ GandhiEgo

26 Março 2013

Play loud and drink cold

NervoChaos’ fifth record! To the Death! Quite frankly, I hadn’t even heard of the name of this band until the request popped in my mailbox. Active since 1996, the Brazilian band probably remained rather obscure because the four previous records were released by Tumba Records a Sao Paulo, Brazil, based label. And often when a local label signs a local band, they both end up only followed by a local fanbase as well. So To the Death might well be the gateway out of Brazil for Death Thrashers NervoChaos with their signature on Greyhaze Records based in Florida, USA.

Playing Death Thrash and coming from Brazil will automatically make you think of Sepultura and Beneath the Remains, but NervoChaos’ Thrash Metal is a lot more “fun” than Sepultura’s ever was. With NervoChaos, expect more beer-laden choruses, and moshing parts than pure evil aggression as if often the case with South American acts. They’re not trying to be the next Sarcofago or Vulcano but rather sound as if they enjoy “drinking” Metal so expect more something in between Tankard and Demolition Hammer (if you can manage that). The production is on par with the expectations, it’s actually rather powerful and not raw as hell as most of their local counterparts. Kudos to the lead guitarist who does a few good solos throughout the record.

Lyrically speaking, NervoChaos deal with societal issues and most of all with how much we’re being fooled by governing bodies to suit their needs. Sheep amongst wolves. Though such themes are more fit to Grindcore acts, the Thrashy anthems and the “discernible” growls of Guiller are doing a fine job with their claims even if it’s lighter in tone than, let’s say, Napalm Death.

I found Desamaldo, another Brazilian signature on Greyhaze Records, a bit more intriguing musically than these lads, but the sincerity and energy of NervoChaos won me over and I thought I should rather praise them than pretend to be bored with their music. I’m pretty sure they will not become the next best band to come out of Brazil after Sepultura but I’m certain they don’t give a rat’s ass about it. This music is too be played out loud with packs of cold beer and that’s all there is to worry about.

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