The Ignorant Crown

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Band Name Muldjord
Album Name The Ignorant Crown
Type Album
Data de lançamento 01 Novembro 2011
Labels Self-Released
Estilo de MúsicaDeath Metal
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1. All Hail Metal 03:57
2. Let It R.I.P. 03:35
3. The Ignorant Crown 03:45
4. Meat Golem 04:06
5. Saving an Angel (From God) 03:46
6. World of Worms 03:49
7. BlackJack 04:09
8. A Sweaty Nightmare 03:38
9. Mosquito 04:26
10. A Troubled Mind 04:27
Total playing time 39:38

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Crítica @ Morsifer

28 Agosto 2013

Everything is for the music

What to say about El Senator, a.k.a Muldjord? How, in a few words, can I pay tribute to this kind of artists, and there are more of them on the web than one may know about, who spend most of their free time making great music and share it on the internet, for free, with other metalheads who have nothing to offer but an insatiable appetite for music? A simple thank you would certainly not suffice, I only hope that those few lines will do the trick.

That being said, let’s turn to the album which this multi-skilled musician offered us. First of all is the music, which is nothing but good ol’ death metal. With Muldjord, which, quoting the artist, “basically means ‘old soil’ or ‘topsoil’” in Danish, Lars puts in a solid performance both with the guitar and the drums. He nicely succeeded mixing sheer brutality with more ambient, mid-tempo breaks. Tracks like ‘Saving an Angel (from God)’ or ‘World of Worms’ are perfect examples. The bass mostly follows the guitar rhythms, except for some breaks here and there like in the middle of the track ‘Meat Golem’. Simple but catchy riffs combined with well-paced drums made a good recipe.

Another interesting aspect is the wide range of topics approached in this album.
The first track ‘All hail Metal’ is nothing but a song dedicated to a genre of music we all have come to be addicted to, a simple call but a damn efficient one. As the music goes on, Lars switches topic more than once, going from cliché like light anti-religious themes in the eponym title or in ‘Meat Golem’ to usual topics like the darkness, nightmares and so on. Putting the proverb ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ into action, Lars added a more personal touch to it and played the card of… fun. For example, talking about zombies rotting from the stench coming from a guy who played the drums very fast may sound a bit out of tune for deathsters. But in my modest opinion and as strange as it may seem, Lars succeeded pretty well in mixing dark themes with fun.

A negative aspect of this first album may be the cover artwork which is a bit simple compared to his second EP ‘Hate Breeds Hate’, which was drawn by Tony Sandoval, a Mexican artist whose work can be found on Facebook.

With already two EP also available on his website, Lars didn’t put an end to his journey but put more sweat into his work, giving everything for the music, and recorded with professionalism his first album. I hope we will hear more of Muldjord soon, till then…

m/ Fucking horns up m/

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