The Bridge Between

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Band Name Phinehas
Album Name The Bridge Between
Type EP
Data de lançamento 22 Janeiro 2013
Estilo de MúsicaMetalcore
Membros têm este álbum8


1. Panhammer 03:24
2. Well If the Earths Are Stopped, Then the Fox Faces the Hounds 03:51
3. David and the Gate 04:27
4. A Pattern in Pain (Acoustic) 03:35
5. Enkindler 03:44
6. Crowns (Acoustic) 03:59
7. The Wishing Well (Acoustic, ft. Ann Marie Flathers) 03:56
Total playing time 26:56

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Crítica @ VesselsOfBlood

14 Junho 2013

Champion Melodic Metalcore

In the midst of the highly-populated Christian metal and hardcore scene lies La Mirada quartet Phinehas, a melodic metalcore group packed with energy. Although they formed back in 2001, they released their first EP “The Phinehas” much later in 2009 and then their debut full-length record “Thegodmachine” in 2011, but both releases were enough to gain a moderate following. With another full-length in the works, this quintet has decided to release a second EP in 2013 called “The Bridge Between,” composed of B-sides and rarities, along with a couple newer songs. However, despite this record primarily serving as an in-between album, the vigor and power behind the music make this album beyond a simple tease.

The first half of the EP is mostly constructed of heavy and melodic metalcore, including remakes of a few songs taken from “The Phinehas.” These tracks are performed incredibly well, with two great strengths with the music: The energy and the structure. There is so much vigor teeming from these songs that seekers of energetic music need not look further than in these songs. Every song under this category is pumped with great hooks, riffs, and melodies laden throughout. The musicianship associated with this ferocious side of the metalcore coin also fares well, from the aggressive vocals to the potent drumming to the soaring guitar work. On top of all this, there is definitely some southern-metal influence to the music, and this actually piles up more of that energy. As for the second aspect, the structures of these songs are planned out great as well. The band knows the right times to deliver the hooks and change speed and dynamic to keep the audience invested. These songs are great to listen and swing your fists to, and with the new song “David and the Gate” fitting in that roster, this is definitely a good sign for the band’s future endeavor.

As for the second half, “The Bridge Between” contains acoustic songs, all but one covering tracks from Phinehas’s debut full-length “Thegodmachine.” Another thing that these songs have in common is that they are done just as well as the much more violent tracks described earlier. In fact, despite their acoustic softness, they unleash just as much energy and passion as the earlier category. This is carried by the musicianship as well, starting with the clean singing that delivers just enough vitality and emotion to make an impact on the audience without sounding forced. It also helps that, being a short compilation of acoustic songs, the guitar work delivers some beauteous melodies, carrying as much power as the original versions of the revised tracks. The only original acoustic song featured in the record’s lineup is “Enkindler,” and it definitely is the highlight of this section of the EP. Along with faring well in terms of heaviness, Phinehas has also performed greatly in their acoustic tracks.

On top of the great music “The Bridge Between” has to give, it also brings out some very good Christian-based lyrics. The subject matter and tone of the content depends on which side the EP takes in terms of dynamic. When the music is on the heavier side, the lyrics take on an empowering and positive tone, with lines such as “Come on, come on, are you a dead man? Pull up your skirt, we’re on a mission” and “Throw the stones, they weigh heavy in your hands.” On the other side, however, the acoustic tracks contain more deep and introspective lyrics, including lines like “If the world gets cold, then why don’t I build a fire.” Both sides are written nicely, being quite uplifting and emotional without becoming too preachy, to the point where they can be pleasurable even outside of a religious scope. This all is enough to make way for some great lyrics.

The Bridge Between” is a short but very enjoyable release. The band has managed to do great in both areas of heavy, melodic metalcore and acoustic songs. In terms of the more chaotic realm, there is so much vigor and power unleashed from the band’s metallic attack that it’s hard not to enjoy, along with how well the songs themselves are built. The acoustic songs are also stellar, containing an emotional softness while holding enough force and passion to be passed off as stand-alone songs instead of simple acoustic remakes. While there is very little to be offered in terms of innovation for the metalcore and hardcore genres, this EP is still worth trying out. Not only will melodic metalcore and loyal Phinehas fans find themselves enjoying this release, but fans in search of music stuffed with energy in general are also recommended to it as well. “The Bridge Between” may primarily be serving as a filler release, but until the next full-length album hits the air, it’s more than enough to keep the audience satisfied.

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