The Beauty of Falling

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Band Name Feed Her To The Sharks
Album Name The Beauty of Falling
Type Album
Data de lançamento 01 Março 2010
Labels Self-Produced
Produced by Fredrik Nordström
Recorded at Studio Fredman
Estilo de MúsicaMetalcore
Membros têm este álbum24


1. Extinction/Resurrection 04:24
2. Dead by Dawn 03:10
3. Fear of Failure 03:27
4. With the Change of Seasons 01:09
5. Misery 03:31
6. Murder Monogamy 05:04
7. Digital Breakdown 00:47
8. Neptune Does Not Have a Trident 04:00
9. My Bleeding Heart Swims in a Sea of Darkness 03:48
10. Outta My Way Satan... GARD! 03:44
11. Tragedy, Tears and Sorrow 01:18
12. The Beauty of Falling 03:37
Total playing time 37:59

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Feed Her To The Sharks

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Comentário @ McLovinSkittlez

08 Dezembro 2012

I can only see them getting better throughout the years

Okay, this review has been a long time in the making. I was going to wait for their next album to be released and do two separate reviews, kind of comparing the two, but I'll just do this now. Feed Her To The Sharks is a relatively new band, forming in '08, but these guys are already one of my favorite bands.

To jump right into this review I want to state first that this is, by far, my favorite debut album by any band, this shit takes my breath away with every listen! Australia has always been very reliable with their metalcore, but this takes the cake. Another thing I want to add is that even though this album was self-released, the quality is amazing! You get a nice even feel of every single instrument played and the vocals are perfectly tuned in. Another thing that just feels like a nice breath of fresh air is how tight these young guys are. There is never a moment, that I've heard anyway, where they're out of sync with each other. The one musician I would most like to point out is their drummer, Christian. This dude is a beast with the sticks! The thing that amazes me the most is his almost permanently quick tempo. The speed these guys play at isn't typically found in metalcore, and they execute this very..very well! Their vocalist, Andy, is also spectacular at what he does. The power he puts into his vocals is stunning. Think of how Phil from Whitechapel growls, it's like that, only a little higher pitched. Not to mention, his screams are brutal as hell too. Very crisp, smooth, and overall just amazing. I want to say the bassist does their clean vocals, but I could be wrong. Regardless of who does them, he's doing them amazingly, and from what I've heard from their latest teaser from the new album, they sound even better!

Kind of wrapping this up, I want to mention that the guitarists do an astonishing job at writing music. It's very, very complex, very technical, and so smooth. Both the drummer and the guitarists can maintain any tempo given to them. These guys are a very tight group, and I can only see them getting better throughout the years. The two songs that stood out to me the most is definitely Misery and Fear of Failure. Misery is definitely my favorite of the two, the album as well, because it depicts how skilled each musician is so well. Misery and Fear of Failure do a great job at this, both maintain a very smooth, but quick pace, and both have an amazing melody that flows through perfectly. Feed Her To The Sharks' The Beauty of Falling is a masterpiece to say the very least, and from what I've heard off of the teaser, things are only about to get better. This one is an easy 20/20!

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