The 7th Seal

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Band Name Death SS
Album Name The 7th Seal
Type Album
Data de lançamento 2006
Estilo de MúsicaIndus Gothic
Membros têm este álbum13


1. Give'Em Hell 4:10
2. Venus' Gliph 5:11
3. Der Golem 4:49
4. Shock Treatment 3:18
5. Absinthe 4:05
6. Another Life 4:03
7. Psychosect 3:32
8. Heck of a Day 5:59
9. S.I.A.G.F.O.M. 6:08
10. The Healer 4:18
11. Time to Kill 3:21
12. The 7th Seal 8:11
Total playing time 57:05

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Crítica @ Onni

09 Dezembro 2008
No need to introduce this Italian act, Death SS, as they play already about 30 years. For those who discover this band just now I’d say that the band’s name means “death of Steve Sylvester”, and the band’s mastermind is Steve Sylvester, as you could guess, who decided many years ago to make some horror stuff in hard rock and heavy metal style.

Extreme image, always interesting promo pictures, shows plus rhythmic and drive music with many variations and melodies – here is the secret of their success. Yes, they have something of gothic, sometimes you can recognize industrial, but after all it’s simply interesting music.
Though, is doesn’t matter if you know Death SS or not. They are always good, always a little bit different, so you listen to the different songs on the album and sometimes think : oh, is it still the same CD ? Yes, it’s about “The Seventh Seal”. You put the CD into player and look the booklet. Nice stylish layout and cool musicians in cool dresses, as always (you know how it is going – some musicians are able to create such appearance, that you will go to concerts and buy albums just to look what they’ve made new this time…). It fits the music and adds necessary visual aspect to it.

And “Give’em Hell” starts : rhythmic anthem of drive. I’d say that “drive” is the main feature of this album, along with melody – every song has its own catchy melody. The next song “Venus’ Gliph” is darker, verse is more heavy, chorus is arranged with nice keyboards. “Der Golem” starts like some old record, then gets some gothic features and – of course ! – catchy melody in chorus. Heavy riffs, intense atmosphere gets over you, you won’t notice how you start to sing along and bang your head…

Maybe there’s something pop here. It means “popular”. It means – for everybody, everybody can like it. And also it means entertainment. Sounds great, ah ? We all need some energy. Of course, on the “The Seventh Seal”, there’s also gloomy ballad “Another Life” – slow but yet rhythmic and melodic, with calm piano and keyboards arrangements and epic backing vocals. Every song has something special – whispering, shouts, narration, own sounds, own rhythm and tempo. You can listen to this many-sided album a hundred times and still it won’t be boring.

(Thanks to CD-Maximum for CD)

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