Terror Firma

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Band Name Osiah
Album Name Terror Firma
Type Album
Data de lançamento 01 Junho 2016
Estilo de MúsicaDeathcore
Membros têm este álbum7


 Dethronement of Gods (ft. Gaz King of From Sorrow To Serenity)
 Street Justice
 The Harvesting
 Plague World
 Planetary Infection
 Conceived Through Ignorance
 Subterranean Refuge

Total playing time: 42:48

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Crítica @ MetalParaTrooper

20 Julho 2017

Deathcore done correctly

Osiah have been around for a few years but didn't really make any waves in the deathcore community until the release of Terror Firma. I saw this album thrown around on a lot of blogs and groups and finally decided to give it a listen or twenty. Although it isn't necessarily new anymore, it is still relevant in the scene.

This album has a lot of positive elements, far more than any negatives. First off you will notice how the album is constantly heavy as hell. It never goes to any lighter note or soft melody which is really how most people prefer their deathcore to be. If it isn't throwing a crushing breakdown at you then you are probably listening to a proper blast beat or some heavy riffage. There aren't an overwhelming amount of breakdowns necessarily but there are quite a few so if you aren't into chugging or slow heavy breakdowns than this is not the album for you. With a lot of the chugging they are capturing a pretty evil essence which will follow you throughout the whole album. While this isn't the most technical record you will hear in your life it does have some technicality in it to keep it fresh and invigorating and you will notice that right from the start in "Hellbound." This song is mostly a chugging heavy breakdown intro to lead you to what the album is going to be about. It does transition well into "Dethronement Of Gods," and you well notice the whole album is setup to lead into the next song. It never feels like you left off on one song empty handed and started the next. Overall the structure of the album and the elements it does give you fit very well with each other and make the album feel whole.

The only complaint I had with the album is that it does seem a wee bit repetitive. Once you have heard the first couple songs you practically know what you are getting on the rest. There aren't a ton of surprises here. The vocals are your standard for today's deathcore which is not really a bad thing because he has a good range of gutturals, growls and killer high pitched screams, but at the end of the album you are going to know that you have heard similar music. I am not really complaining because I do really enjoy this album, I just didn't think it was the most groundbreaking deathcore record I have ever listened to.

Some of the highlights in the album for me: I love the interlude "L4D." If you are starting to lose interest in the album this song will grab your attention and pull you back in. I definitely pulled up itunes and made sure to check which song it was several times. The gutturals added into some of the breakdowns and transition riffs is done perfectly. The album is extremely tight and they never seem off key. They were aiming for a heavy deathcore record and they achieved that goal. I feel that it was a very promising debut that will lead to even better sophomore album in the future.

I recommend "Terror Firma" to any die hard deathcore fan or anybody looking to get into the genre. If you type deathcore into google it should pull this record up because it is a perfect example of a band doing deathcore properly. I gave it a 16/20 because it was solid but I feel that their next record will have more for you to sink your teeth into. Below is a video of the 2nd track on the album and will give you a good feel of what you'll get.

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