Season of Raven Words

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Band Name Lethian Dreams
Album Name Season of Raven Words
Type Album
Data de lançamento 06 Janeiro 2012
Estilo de MúsicaAtmospheric Doom
Membros têm este álbum11


1. Dawn 07:17
2. Wandering 05:26
3. See 01:36
4. Raven 06:40
5. White Gold 04:31
6. Invisible 02:38
7. Satyrs 06:50
8. Roads 06:46
Total playing time 41:44

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Crítica @ Schakal83

13 Agosto 2016

An amazing album

The second opus from the french doom band "Lethian Dreams" is a must for all doomers.
Even from the start it introduce the listener into a state of calm, sadness and nebular melancholy.
The first song "Dawn" has a short ambient intro which in a few moments delivers an enchanted female vocals with beautiful moments of totally loneliness of body and soul.
The second song "Wandering" is a real question of a soul which is in a real quest of finding what's beyond these false world in which are force to live.
The third song "See" which begins with a beautiful piano notes it's reveal the truth that "WE" always don't see it although is in front of our eyes.
"Raven" has delivered an absolute truth of human sentiments that "WE" have lost in the process of human transformation, an we must recollect in order to became what we once have been.
The track "White Gold" has it's meaning in the wounds that it won't heal any more unless we must understand what have theme been so deep cut.
"Invisible" speaks about the feeling you have when you realized that you've been abandoned by everyone and that nobody is around you to help passing these moments of totally isolation, and that you are invisible to the other humans and the only escape became the suicide of all your thoughts.
"Satyr's" tales the departure of soul in it way of the total recognition with the heart witch is in deepest pain and screams, fight to became in love with the one that has a meaning in these life or in the next, and hopes that the road witch is taken to be the latest for these sadiest moments in life.
"Roads" delivers us the only way in these existence in which we can disintegrate the anomalies that we have from our existence, and which is to totally understand in our subconscious these feelings of rejection and despair and that only "LOVE" can set us free at last.
"Season Of Raven Woods" is a masterpiece of atmospheric doom that I listen in a long time.

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