Rites of Blasphemy

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Band Name Deep Desolation
Album Name Rites of Blasphemy
Type Album
Data de lançamento 20 Agosto 2012
Estilo de MúsicaDoom Black
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1. Between the Tits of a Witch
2. Searching for Yesterday
3. Intermezzo
4. Blasphemous Rite
5. Mroczny Hymn
6. Cuius Regio / Eius Religio
7. I Became Your God
8. Necromouth

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Deep Desolation

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Crítica @ GandhiEgo

09 Novembro 2012

Black Stoner!

Deep Desolation’s Rites of Blasphemy is already these guys’ second record. Don’t let you get misled by the “Rites of Blasphemy” thing because even though they hail from Poland, their music is far from resembling that of Blasphemy Rites. Well the pedestal on which both bands build their music might still be Black Metal, but you couldn’t find two bands more apart.

Where one goes all Brutal Black/Death Metal, Deep Desolation is more into some kind of psychedelic form of it. Then again when thinking psychedelia and Black Metal, you’d be more thinking of bands like Negative Plane, but then again you'd be led on the wrong track.

Somehow Deep Desolation play Stoner Metal and Black Metal together. From Black Metal, the band takes the harsh vocals and a few true black riffs and from Stoner Metal, greasy bass play and guitar soli that would fit more on a release of Acrimony or Kyuss than on any Black Metal record. Previous bands that were somehow mixing Stoner/Sludge with Black Metal would include Anubis Rising or Highgate but these guys had somehow kept the hatred of Black Metal in their music where Deep Desolation is rather exempt of it.

I know that on the cover of the CD the guys say their praise to Satan but I’m not sure where Satan is on this record or if he ever was. It’s not that the music is not good, it’s just that in the end you get an atypical Stoner Metal recording in the sense that everything smells, looks and sounds like Stoner only played very much atypically. The pachyderm-like fuzzy bass and the long guitar soli eventually took precedence over the Black Metal feeling and in the end it sounds like Tumuli Shroomaroom and it's not as "dirty" as the reunion of these two genres would lead you to think.

Still, even though, as you’ve certainly noticed by now, Deep Desolation are somehow masters at deception, this also makes for their main quality as you will find something rather new here and mostly unexplored and the feat of coming up with something original nowadays should at least be praised. I feel that the band may be onto something but they need to put more guts, beer and spit into it, have these guitars scream pain and anger and these vocals show us where Satan really is. At this time, the formula sounds fine to listen to but to take it to the next step, Deep Desolation will need to sound a bit meaner than this.

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