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Band Name Attila (USA-2)
Album Name Rage
Type Album
Data de lançamento 11 Maio 2010
Estilo de MúsicaMetalcore
Membros têm este álbum62


 The End
 Make It Sick
 The Invitation
 Lights Out
 Girls Don't Lie
 Cheyenne 420

Total playing time: 26:55

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Crítica @ Metalhead108

02 Agosto 2012

Party Metal.

A new genre full of ridiculous lyrics mixed with the great styles of deathcore? Or just a bunch of stoners and partiers who don't want to do anything else but play music? Well a bit of both but that doesnt mean that they are AWESOME! Singing songs about drugs and sex and partying are right up some peoples allies plus the music itself is great!

Putting the lyrics that Attila uses to the musicality of deathcore is far from ordinary. Most of the generic deathcore bands use lyrics that use threats that will never be fulfilled and anger at things such as government and betrayal but what is so unique about Attila is that they don't give a rat's ass about anything whatsoever. The lyrics are the most distinguished part of their music, with lyrics such as grab a cigarillo and a 40 and a Bic light lemme get a Newport now it's on, who can be angry and who can give a crap! Though the complicated breakdowns and great guitar skills make you want to head bang and mosh around the lyrics really put an influence on the overall tone of the album.

Though I can ramble on about the lyrics all day, there is no disregarding the musicianship of these Atlanta dudes. With the thunderous drums and the guitars shredding and the bassist being a black guy who can be a powerhouse on a bass there is absolutely nothing stopping these guys.

But back to the album itself. There are many songs on here that exemplify the theme of the band such as Rage, make it sick, and strikeout. The album sort of shines light into the eyes of their small fan base and made their fan base huge! Even people who don't like deathcore get into Attila with only one listen to a track from this album. The other thing that sets Attila apart from other deathcore acts is the fact that the music itself isn't that generic. Though they use breakdowns and growls and such they don't sound like other deathcore acts. Using major keys and not as many minors, they are still metal but not generic.

The album does have some little thumb down moments, like some songs that are a minute long and is pretty much one big breakdown and suddenly stops and then sounds of a party gone wrong (Im talking about Strikeout of course). Though that song is completely useless and it could have been used to write another masterpiece such as make it sick and Rage. I gave this album an 18/20 because i think this album is a great album that really set this band apart from other deathcore acts. I highly recommend this record to everyone that loves deathcore or metalcore

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McLovinSkittlez - 27 Setembro 2012: I don't know...sounds pretty generic and boring to me...
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